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Since this year, with the launch of the new national standard "energy efficiency grade" of the national range hood industry, the new national standard of the national gas stove has also entered the implementation stage, and the kitchen appliance industry has begun a large-scale "reshuffle movement". A large number of kitchen electrical enterprises are facing great pressure and begin to fall one after another, and many kitchen electrical enterprises have also begun a difficult transformation. But powerful enterprises can seize this opportunity to enhance the influence of their products. Recently, it was reported from the well-known kitchen appliance brand Cohen that in order to improve the competitiveness of gas stoves and create the ultimate product quality of Cohen gas stoves, from the end of June, Cohen's new gas stoves kn80 and kn81 will be assembled with T6 heat-treated high hardness aluminum alloy ceramic stoves with more advanced processes

it is understood that T6 is a heat treatment process of deformed aluminum alloy, a process of "solution treatment + artificial aging", in which the main factors are solution temperature, quenching temperature, aging temperature, holding time and aging order. T6 heat treatment process is the key to solve the reasonable combination of strength and plasticity and corrosion resistance of materials. The T6 heat treatment process adopted by kn80 and kn81 furnace heads of Cohen gas stoves ensures the dimensional stability in the environment of 500 ℃; At the same time, the surface of the furnace head has been vitrified, the thickness of the ceramic layer has reached more than 40um, and the hardness has reached the industry-leading hv700. The furnace head will never corrode, the thread will never slip, and the furnace plate will not bite with the furnace cover, which improves the internal surface finish of the conduit

according to Xu Dong, the person in charge of the quality of Cohen electric appliance, the T6 heat-treatment porcelain melting furnace head has been tested for thousands of hours in the laboratory under different corrosion experimental environments. The experimental results perfectly meet the established quality objectives, and there is a qualitative leap compared with the original furnace head. At the same time, the T6 heat-treatment porcelain stove head is very energy-saving and environmental friendly, perfectly reaching the first-class energy efficiency of the new national energy efficiency standard for gas stoves, and is in an absolutely leading position in the industry, becoming a benchmark product for the quality of the domestic gas stoves industry

"we only make first-class energy efficiency products," Zhao Hanbin, head of marketing of Cohen electric appliance, told reporters, "Cohen gas stoves have been upgraded five times since last year, and each product upgrade brings a leap in quality. The implementation standards of all products of Cohen appliances are higher than the national standards, so Cohen has won a super good reputation in the market with its super high product quality. At the same time, we also have a very strong after-sales team, and we believe that the new gas stoves listed this time will once again trigger a rush to buy in the market."





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