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Environmental protection decoration is not equal to living environmental protection

many owners have long been familiar with the concept of environmental protection, which is due to people's pursuit and yearning for a better life. However, it should be reminded that the indoor environment of families whose home decoration and decoration environmental protection has reached the standard is not necessarily environmental protection, which has long been a consensus in the industry, that is, the reason why we should do "environmental protection pre evaluation"

according to the routine, after the decoration of the room is completed and tested by the environmental protection testing department, the owner also needs to purchase certain furniture when living. If the environmental protection detection value is very close to the maximum limit value set by the state, then such a living environment is likely to be unqualified for environmental protection, and living in such an environment for a long time is likely to be damaged by harmful gases. Experts' explanation of the concept of environmental protection is that the total amount of toxic and harmful gases released by all articles in the room is not greater than the maximum limit of toxic and harmful gases set by the state, that is, environmental protection testing should be done after all furniture is moved into the room, and the data obtained can meet the national environmental protection standards, which is environmental protection. So how to choose decoration enterprises with good quality, environmental protection and up to standard? Experts suggest that it is fair to adopt the form of public bidding. The specific working procedure is:

1 First, the client should sign a power of attorney for design bidding with the consulting company to establish the relationship between the service and the served and pay 2% of the consulting fee

2. The consulting company will send 2-3 professional designers to measure the new house free of charge according to the size of the project

3. According to the needs and intentions of customers, the designer outlines a complete set of plans The plan includes floor plan, partial production drawing, effect drawing, etc., which will be completed within 5 days, and the owner will communicate with the consulting company

4. On the 7th day from the date of house measurement, the owner went to the consulting company again and selected a complete decoration design scheme

5. The owner states to the designer the configuration of the furniture after decoration, and the designer reasonably calculates the environmental protection indicators and selects the decoration materials according to the environmental protection requirements

6. The consulting company assists the owner in selecting 3 to 5 enterprises Each enterprise shall quote according to the same set of scheme and standard, prepare the bid and submit it to the consulting company after sealing it within two days

7. On the bid opening day, the owner will open the bid in person and choose one to construct his own home decoration project

8. After the owner is selected, the consulting company will lead the owner and the selected enterprise to the supervision company for review again and assist in signing the decoration contract

9. During the construction process, the designer should provide on-site guidance and services for at least 3 times The consulting company went to the site to investigate and make corresponding treatment

10. After the completion of the project, two environmental protection tests (formaldehyde and benzene) will be carried out for the owner free of charge





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