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No matter what house type, now the customized cloakroom has entered every family and become an indispensable home space in the home. Its main function is to store clothes, which is now favored by consumers. The following editor will introduce the precautions for customized cloakroom and customized cloakroom plates

precautions for customized cloakroom

1. Pay attention to environmental protection of materials

the environmental protection grade of plates can be divided into: EO grade (≤ 0.6mg/l), E1 grade (≤ 1.6mg/l), E2 grade (≤ 5.6mg/l)

2. Pay attention to the quality of materials

it depends on the quality of materials, because the quality of materials determines the service life of the wardrobe. In addition, it also depends on the details of hardware, plate surface materials, adhesives and so on

3. Pay attention to the function matching

see whether the function of the cloakroom can meet the needs of users. When designing, communicate with the designer first, so as to design according to the needs of users and make it more humanized

4. Pay attention to sales service

pay attention to after-sales service, so that problems can be more guaranteed

customized cloakroom board

1. Particleboard: particleboard is made by high-temperature processing, and the tissues on both sides are pressed into board with fine wooden fibers. It is characterized by not easy deformation and good nail holding force. The disadvantage is the treatment of curved section, which requires high processing machinery

2. Density board: the main characteristics of density board are good surface flatness, high strength, uniform density, easy processing, etc. The disadvantage is poor waterproof and easy to deform

3. Solid wood particle board is a high-grade environmental protection material. Its density is relatively high and it has the nature of natural wood. In addition, its processability is also good as particleboard

editor's summary: here are the precautions for customized cloakroom and customized cloakroom plates, hoping to be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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