Decorate 90000, build 75 square meters, two bedroo

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Since I bought a house, I haven't had much money left. However, now I finally have my own nest. It's quite a sense of achievement to think of this. The next step is decoration. Since there is not much money, it's mainly about saving money and practicality. I didn't find a decoration company. Everything was done by myself. The construction is a guerrilla introduced by acquaintances. The quality of workmanship is good, and it also saves a lot of money compared with the decoration company. Later, when it comes to the choice of furniture, we'd better find something durable and inexpensive, and keep a low profile. It's better to live at home. Don't have so many fancy things. As the saying goes, it's true that it's plain

this is the panorama of our home, which can be seen at a glance





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