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My bathroom has Yuba, so I don't need to install floor heating anymore. How wasteful? I believe many friends will be surprised. Can the bathroom also be equipped with floor heating? Is it common for families to do this

in fact, after understanding the installation of floor heating, it is feasible or necessary to install floor heating in toilets. In fact, with the improvement of people's awareness of floor heating and the pursuit of home comfort, many family users will choose to install floor heating in their homes. In the living room, dining room, bedroom, study and other areas, now many families begin to install floor heating in the bathroom

is it really necessary to install floor heating in the bathroom

there are three reasons

1. Yuba bathing has always been the heating method of the traditional bathroom, but it makes people feel baked. The upper body is warm, and the lower body is in the cold zone, while the floor heating is in the form of ground radiation. It gets warm from the soles of the feet, and the heating surrounds the whole body, which is both warm and comfortable. And the hair is easy to get hot, and the direct exposure of high temperature is easy to induce melanin, which is not conducive to health

2. The bathroom is a relatively humid and smelly place, and the installation of floor heating can completely solve the shortcomings of humidity and smell in the bathroom; On the other hand, the general land area of the toilet is small, and the heating time is shorter, so the warmth will be better; Installing floor heating in the bathroom can completely solve the humidity in the bathroom. And the dry ground can effectively prevent the production of mold. Clean, comfortable and hygienic, it can also reduce a lot of housework

3. This is a fashion and future trend of bathroom heating. Nowadays, the toilet floor heating system has been widely used in Europe, Australia and other countries, and many families in China have installed it. Generally, the toilet area of houses is not large, and the floor heating will not occupy the space above the ground. There will be no sudden appearance of radiators, Yuba and other equipment. Moreover, the service life of floor heating is longer than that of ordinary heating equipment, which can be said to be "small cost, large comfort"

can floor heating be installed in sanitation

camel floor heating editor tells you very clearly: of course, floor heating can be installed in the bathroom

as long as the waterproof problem can be properly solved, the swimming pool can also be equipped with floor heating. Of course, this is an exaggeration. Merchants who say they can't install usually don't have a certain technical ability, or because they are afraid of trouble and who is responsible for the problems in the later stage

waterproof characteristics of toilet with floor heating:

compared with other rooms, toilet with floor heating has unique characteristics. It is one of the places with the most concentrated water supply and drainage systems. It has many systems, complex structures, easy leakage, long maintenance cycle and great difficulty after leakage. The traditional toilet ground is waterproof. Only a waterproof layer is set under the stone or floor tile

for the waterproof of the toilet with floor heating, a waterproof layer should be set under the floor heating, called the first waterproof layer, to prevent the leakage of the structural layer from affecting the downstairs residents, and then a waterproof layer should be set on the backfill layer of the floor heating, called the second waterproof layer, to prevent the water in the floor area from leaking into other rooms

waterproof construction process of toilet with floor heating:

base treatment → construction of the first waterproof layer → water storage test → construction of floor heating layer → base cleaning → construction of the second waterproof layer → water storage test → waterproof layer protection → acceptance of waterproof works

to ensure the quality of the waterproof project of the toilet with floor heating, we need to focus on the control:

1. Material selection: pay attention to the differences and characteristics of the first waterproof and the second waterproof in their respective functions, and choose flexible waterproof materials with excellent high temperature resistance, so as to ensure that the waterproof materials can function normally in the continuous high temperature and high humidity environment

2. Construction technology: for large-scale waterproof construction, it should be carried out according to the specification requirements; For the detailed node parts such as pipe root, floor drain, sanitary ware and internal and external corners, the waterproof construction should be more meticulous, and enhanced treatment should be done to control the ground slope and achieve the "combination of prevention and drainage"

3. Process management: identify the causes of leakage, do a good job in control during the construction stage, and take corresponding treatment measures for leakage hazards in different parts in time

when choosing a floor heating company, you can polish your eyes and consult carefully. If the floor heating company can do the above, it is basically no problem. You can safely choose to lay a comfortable floor heating in the bathroom





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