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At the 1999 project implementation meeting of the national key basic research development plan held in Beijing on September 9, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of science and technology introduced that the 41 projects just established and the 15 projects launched last year were aimed at the national goals and scientific frontiers, and the issues to be solved were agriculture, energy, information, resources and environment, population and health Important issues in materials and other fields; At the same time, taking into account the needs of China's long-term development of science and technology, we have focused on arranging some major comprehensive cross cutting-edge research projects, and strive to make breakthroughs in some important scientific cutting-edge fields. According to the international finance news, in terms of transforming traditional industries and improving the technological innovation capacity of traditional industries: in the agricultural field, research has been carried out on the development of important genetic resources, the discovery of new genes for high quality, high yield, disease and insect resistance, and the efficient utilization of water and fertilizer. In the field of materials, 4. When the printing paper roll is used up or the printing handwriting is unclear, a digital display bolt tension and torsion experimental machine is developed, and the printing paper roll or printing ribbon should be replaced; Through the application of basic research and the transformation of its achievements, China will promote the transformation from a large iron and steel country to a powerful iron and steel country, and develop the technology of using China's unique aluminum ore resources with high efficiency and low energy consumption. However, it is not a powerful country in the field of energy. It focuses on the application of basic research on coal pollution prevention and coal conversion and utilization, with a view to improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental pollution caused by energy consumption. In terms of developing high-tech industries, improving China's technological innovation capability and international competitiveness in the high-tech field: in the information field, the research work on computer system, information network, software and other aspects is mainly arranged. In the field of population and health, research has been arranged on important diseases, infectious diseases and trauma that seriously endanger people's health, as well as traditional Chinese medicine. In terms of promoting sustainable economic and social development: in the field of resources and environment, China and the West have focused on the research on a number of innovative achievements and typical utilization areas' ecological environment problems, weather, climate and earthquake disaster prediction, water resources and water disasters of the Yellow River, marine environment and sustainable development, important mineral resources, etc

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