Six changes in the development of carton industry

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Six changes in the development of the carton industry in 2006

2005 was a year of fierce competition in China's corrugated carton industry. The remarkable characteristics of the domestic carton equipment market are: the market demand is slowing down, the competition subject is diversified, the competition is more intense, and the equipment ushers in the transformation period. So, how did the carton industry develop in 2006? Relevant experts believe that there will be six changes in the development of the carton industry in 2006

I. the corrugated board production line is developing towards a high-quality, high-grade, high-speed, efficient and wide width corrugated board production line. The domestic and foreign corrugated board production lines introduced by China's carton enterprises in the early 1980s have been used for more than 20 years. With the increasingly high packaging requirements of products, it is inevitable to speed up the pace of updating and elimination and purchase more high-grade corrugated lines

II. Focus on the development of carton back processing equipment. Corrugated board post processing equipment is an important part of carton production. For a long time, China's product packaging has only emphasized the quality of export packaging, focusing on the production equipment for processing paperboard, and paying insufficient attention to the technology, process and grade of subsequent processing equipment. In the era of economic globalization, domestic products are transformed from transportation packaging to sales packaging. The packaging quality of domestic and foreign products is becoming more and more consistent. The demand for carton processing equipment will increase, and the technical requirements of the equipment will also improve

III. during the implementation of "centralized plate making and decentralized box making", paper 7 Leverage ratio: the 2:1 box production structure has gradually entered a new pattern of specialized cooperative production. There is a division of labor between the front and the back, and the single-sided corrugated units will be eliminated

IV. fine corrugation is the development direction. Micro corrugation has developed rapidly in the United States, Japan and Europe, but its development in China has just started. Micro corrugated has good physical properties and exquisite printing effect. At present, it has taken the lead in the development of home appliance industry. In the future, it will quickly replace the corrugated boxes and cartons originally used in tobacco, alcohol, food, medicine, daily necessities and other products, and the market demand is huge. The development direction in the future is e, F and g. in the future, G will account for 10% of the market share of China's new energy automobile industry. The development prospect can not be ignored

v. the development of electromechanical integration of carton machinery will gradually change the appearance of carton machinery. In this kind of carton machinery, the microcomputer, as its brain, has replaced the conventional control system, simplified the mechanical structure and improved the mechanical operation stability

VI. the pace of seeking international cooperation in the carton industry has accelerated. In order to continue to occupy the leading position in the fierce market competition, we must give full play to our own advantages, actively seek to unite with international strong enterprises, make strategic attempts in technology, marketing and other aspects, and quickly improve the competitiveness of our enterprise

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