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Six key factors for balance selection

1 Product quality and necessary additional functions. Including accuracy, linearity, repeatability and quadrangular error. The balance is the basic instrument in the laboratory. Without reliable quality assurance, there is no method to ensure the accuracy of later experimental results due to the high elongation of most film data. The necessary additional functions can ensure the simplicity and smoothness of the experiment

2. Excellent cost performance to avoid excessive consumption. You don't have to spend money on features you don't need. When the product quality is guaranteed and the performance is basically the same, a/d conversion at a more favorable price can guarantee the fund use efficiency of the unit or individual

3. Annual average use cost

including natural losses and maintenance costs. For example: the purchase price of product a is 3000 yuan and that of product B is 6000 yuan. If the service life of product a is 2 years, the service life of product B is 5 years. In fact, the average annual use cost of product B is lower (1500 yuan/year: 1200 yuan/year). The above does not include the losses and maintenance costs caused by the test interruption caused by the frequent repair of product a

4. Compatibility with operators and tolerance to operating environment. The operation methods of different personnel are different. Product a often has large errors. Product B is operated by different personnel, and the results are basically the same. Products a and B with the same accuracy have different tolerance to handling, use, maintenance, vibration source, temperature, humidity and other requirements

5. Product after-sales service and function expansion. Try to avoid quality problems If there is a quality problem, the better the iron detection performance; The higher the working frequency or the need for function expansion, classic manufacturers can provide timely and thoughtful services. With fierce market competition, only enterprises with viability and basic profits can provide long-term and thoughtful service and technical support

6 affects vertical installation Humanized design

avoid damage to the instrument caused by occasional misoperation. At the same time, it ensures that the user's use process is light, comfortable and pleasing to the eye

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