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Six key factors of enterprise management reform due to the arrival of knowledge economy and the acceleration of world economic integration, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. If enterprises want to achieve sustainable development in the fierce competition, they must constantly seek innovation and change on the basis of stable development. However, when everyone is talking about the hot word "change", However, it is gradually found that many enterprises have more problems because of the change. It is precisely because of the change that the enterprise has been pushed into the abyss of eternal disaster. In addition to the various reasons we have found, shouldn't we take a good look at ourselves? Based on my years of experience in business management practice and providing management consulting and training for enterprises, the author believes that the key factors that enterprises should consider in the process of business management reform

I. enterprise reform is a high-risk activity, so we must be careful

due to the painful lessons of the failure of enterprise reform, more and more enterprises have replaced the strategy of "leaping forward" with "feeling the stone across the river" to reduce the risks brought by the reform to the enterprises in the 3.1 effective journey. But in fact, in the changeable competitive environment of market economy, this negative thinking mode of "safety first" will only greatly hinder the process of enterprise reform, make enterprises miss one new business opportunity after another, and make enterprises die in the process of stagnation. What we should do is: after carefully recognizing the correct direction of enterprise management reform, we should make drastic changes to the company's basic elements such as product trend, brand concept and organizational structure, so as to help enterprises get out of the bottom of management and climb to another peak as soon as possible. This does not mean that the process of enterprise change does not need rational operation. The key is that we need a courage to challenge the deep-seated elements of change, which is the soul of enterprise change

III. must the marketing department take the lead in enterprise management reform

usually, the marketing personnel of an enterprise confine themselves to the existing customers and product models, which is the starting point for an excellent enterprise to change the worst quality. As a result, a series of activities such as the extension of the product line painstakingly planned and designed by the enterprise, the re packaging and re positioning of the product, and so on, erode the market share of the enterprise's original products. The real enterprise change is the integration process that takes place at the whole enterprise level. Enterprise marketers, existing and potential customers, even some lost customers, and other creative groups related to the enterprise should integrate into this process to help the enterprise break the inherent thinking pattern

IV. knowledge and wisdom are the source of enterprise management reform.

with the deepening of enterprise reform activities, only the simple accumulation of knowledge and wisdom has tired the experimental machine. The professional production of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is not enough to meet the severe challenges of new technologies and methods brought about by enterprise reform. But this does not mean that we should give up the collection and management of "intellectual capital" in today's knowledge economy environment. The key to the problem is how to make full use of these "intellectual capital" in the whole process of enterprise reform and turn them into innovation resources for enterprise reform. On one level, this means strengthening the cultivation of the company's core change ability or the driving force of "change" within the enterprise, that is, cultivating our employees to accept the challenges we face with diversified thinking and open mind. Furthermore, to cultivate this kind of enterprise innovation capital is to breed an enterprise culture in which employees actively innovate

v. is new product development the core of business management reform

the enterprise's product transformation can indeed develop more economical raw material substitutes, expand better sales channels, etc., so that the enterprise has unique products or services. But from another perspective, changes in products or services are only the simplest part of the overall change process of the enterprise. In other words, they do create value, but they are only part of the company's output. It is a pity that most enterprises have forgotten the reform on the level of improving plastic recycling and processing technology; What's worse, only a few enterprises will consider the problems of business strategy and make necessary innovation and change in the concept of business management. Although it may be difficult for enterprises to carry out deep-seated reform, this is the only source of strength for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage

VI. too many business management changes focus on the future and expect to survive in a desperate situation.

the future of an enterprise must start from the present. Unfortunately, most people understand this truth. When we act, we often like to look forward to the future that is too far away. We live in a random and nonlinear environment, so it is very difficult to grasp the future. If an enterprise really wants to maintain the ability of lasting change, it needs to build its future blueprint on its daily activities today. The simplest solution is to constantly rethink the enterprise's own situation and always remember that enterprise change will not happen tomorrow for no reason

the idea of "finding a way to survive" is far from enough for an enterprise that is brave in reform and innovation. On the one hand, it may be too late at this time, and the enterprise is already terminally ill and unable to recover; On the other hand, in order to overcome this problem under external pressure, the "knee jerk reflex" emergency measures will only bring short-term and small-scale performance improvement, but can not achieve a sustainable new breakthrough. The driving force of the long-lasting enterprise reform comes from the re examination of the enterprise management and operation system. The situation of "fighting back" will never provide such time and opportunities for enterprises, and it is almost impossible for enterprises to realize the achievements and fun brought by the reform. (end)

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