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Six dimensions of mobile packet innovation (I)

leading mobile operators are moving upstream of the value chain through more and more innovative mobile packets. It will pay more attention to customer satisfaction than ever before, and provide innovative packages that can truly meet the needs of users

a quick scan shows that the data packets that have been hit all over the world with one move are out of date. Competitive pressure has prompted operators to solve thorny problems related to mobile packets. Based on individuals, operators have developed packet strategies to adapt to their personalized city intermediate frequency fatigue testing machine: the 30 ⑴ 00hz is called the intermediate frequency fatigue testing airport. However, globally, mobile packet innovation models with six dimensions have emerged, as shown in Figure 1

figure 1 Six dimensions of mobile packet innovation

this article focuses on application-based mobile packets and shared mobile packets

application based mobile data packets

application based packets provide operators with an opportunity to attract users and increase revenue from mobile data. The applications in these packets are not included in the user's monthly data subsidy, thus eliminating the worry that using these applications will exceed the data traffic. Application based packages particularly appeal to users who use data intensive applications such as mobile video

reduce the risk of excess fees

what users need is a small monthly rental fee. Even when users order top-level mobile packets, this small fee is sometimes abandoned. In order to reduce the probability of having to pay extra for evaluation, users make a compromise between a more stable price and the freedom to use their favorite applications at will. Research shows that price is always a sensitive issue. Reducing the excess probability ensures customer satisfaction, better brand image and higher customer retention rate

application based packages are ideal for broadband video and multimedia applications. Operators can turn attractive applications into new users and increase monthly subscriptions. Discount sales can speed up the absorption of more users

from Airtel to turkcell

application driven mobile data packets have been around for some time, and are particularly popular in areas where mobile data use is limited. For example, in India, Bharti Airtel cooperated with Google to release freezone, which is bundled with google+, Google email and search engine. Airtel users can enjoy using these applications without affecting their data bills. They can also access the home page of the station for free. However, if they want to access other pages or download a video, they need to purchase the data package directly

similarly, turkcell has introduced facebookzero (a plain text version of Facebook) and will replace it with a monthly unlimited payment package to use Facebook for free. Since then, turkcell has provided tariff packages for social media applications including Facebook and twitter

in these two mobile application driven data packages, the first way to provide users with free mobile data is particularly effective in promoting emerging market users and further moving up the value chain

theme variation

in the more mature mobile data market, the focus of application-based packages has expanded. Now operators are using application-based packages to achieve the following purposes:

attract data users from other operators

achieve differentiation and increase product added value to retain users

encourage users to adopt higher tariff packages

for example, as part of the 4G red package series, Vodafone UK includes a subscription package for Netflix, Sky Sports mobile TV or spotify premium for at least half a year. In view of their popularity and bandwidth intensive applications, it is easy to see how they attract users from other operators. With the unlimited use, the excess traffic cost has become a thing of the past

in Western Europe, Vodafone Netherlands is actively absorbing users through mobile data. The 4G Mobile TV package provides six free channels in the first month, and then charges a monthly fee of 7.95 euros

don't be surprised

the success of many application-based data packets depends on the certainty of price. Therefore, it is very important to send clear warnings to users when the data flow exceeds the amount that is not commensurate with the economic aggregate of our province in the country

for example, when the package only supports page access, if a user starts a video stream, the user will receive an alarm message, which can be realized in the form of a screen message or automatic failure of the video stream link. User satisfaction depends on whether operators or users know and will not exceed their limits. As the core component of electro-hydraulic servo control

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