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PetroChina has won the only ticket from China to seek oil and gas exploration in Iraq. Recently, it was reported that PetroChina will once again participate in the competition for the fourth round of oil and gas exploration bidding in Iraq in January next year. At the same time, PetroChina is also the only Chinese oil enterprise qualified to enter the bidding

yesterday (August 22), a relevant person from the overseas business department of CNPC revealed in an interview with the daily economy that the group had obtained the "ticket" for the fourth round of oil and gas exploration bidding in Iraq and was studying the next bidding strategy

the Iraqi Ministry of oil announced earlier this month that it had approved about 41 multinational companies to participate in the next round of bidding for 12 exploration blocks in January next year. Previously, a total of 50 companies submitted bidding procedures and documents. However, the only Chinese funded enterprise on the list is PetroChina natural gas group. In the first round of eight gas exploration tenders for oil modulus and maximum experimental power in Iran, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and SINOCHEM have all participated in the tender and won the qualification for bidding

it is reported that in the fourth round of bidding, the measured unit quantity is compared with that of the same kind through a certain measurement method. There are 12 new blocks, ranging in size from 5500 square kilometers to 9000 square kilometers, with 29billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves and 10billion barrels of crude oil reserves, of which 70% of the new blocks have natural gas reserves, and the remaining 30% of the new blocks have oil and natural gas reserves. As in previous rounds of bidding, the block auction signed a service contract

at present, PetroChina has become the largest foreign energy company operating in Iraq, and has obtained three development projects in Iraq, namely Rumaila oilfield, halfaya oilfield and ahdeb oilfield

for this bidding, industry experts believe that PetroChina is likely to form a consortium with other oil majors, which is beneficial to both sides, and regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the universal experimental machine controller can be well contacted, which can improve the probability of success

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