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PetroChina Sichuan Sales IOT distribution system pilot success

the IOT distribution and on-board video project of PetroChina Sichuan sales company passed the pilot acceptance in Panzhihua branch. The on-board intelligent system, automatic queuing system and automatic location selection system meet the design requirements, with labor savings, workload reduction and economic benefits exceeding expectations, and can reduce costs and losses by more than 28 million yuan per year. By the end of this year, they will be fully promoted in all 25 in-service oil depots in the province

as an important link to measure the management ability of refined oil sales enterprises, the level of secondary distribution directly determines the cost per ton of oil and the ability to create efficiency. Compared with foreign advanced enterprises, there are still some defects in the secondary distribution of refined oil in sales enterprises. Among them, the transportation process monitoring is a difficult problem. At present, GPS monitoring and two-way lead sealing have the defects that monitoring is not intuitive and difficult to distinguish

with the progress of logistics technology and the application of IOT, we have found the answer. Wenmingyou, deputy general manager of Sichuan sales, said that in addition to IOT, our distribution management system also involves advanced technologies such as cloud computing, machine vision, intelligent analysis and judgment

IOT is to connect items with the network through radio frequency identification devices. 4. Plastic tensile machine can not be dismantled or disassembled to use wireless network equipment, for information exchange and communication. The pendulum type film impact tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly suitable for measuring the impact toughness of plastic, rubber and other film materials and metal foil materials, often realizing efficient and safe information transmission

the IOT distribution management system developed by Sichuan sales is to connect the entities such as oil depots, gas stations, oil tankers, storage gates and computers with the wired in-service of the company through the installation of radio frequency identification devices and wireless network equipment, so as to realize the intelligent and automatic transmission of distribution varieties, quantities and objects, storage time and sequence, oil loading location optimization, oil unloading information, road information, video and other information (see Figure)

through nearly five months of pilot, Panzhihua branch has achieved remarkable results only in the oil depot. The ticket change time is greatly shortened. The original manual ticket change time takes 50 seconds per warehouse on average, but now the automatic ticket change takes 15 seconds on average. Based on the average of 60 warehouses of fuel delivered to the gas station every day, 35 minutes can be saved, and the error of manual ticket change is avoided. After canceling the dispatch list of oil distribution, the dispatcher saves 30 minutes of printing time every day

oil distribution operation reduces labor intensity. After the implementation of the system, the automatic queuing and loading position selection system will automatically optimize the selection of the storage position according to the current use of the storage position, and call the vehicle to enter the storage and load oil in time, so as to avoid the uneven busy and idle storage positions and the poor connection of the storage and loading time points. It is estimated that the daily delivery time of the oil depot is shortened by about 60 minutes on average

optimize positions and personnel. After the system runs, the oil loading link is operated by the driver himself, and the personnel of the oil distribution post in the oil depot is optimized from the original 8 to 4; The ticket exchange room of the existing oil depot and the business office of the company's marketing management department are integrated into one unit; Three people can be optimized by canceling the sealing post of two-way lead sealing. Through the above results, the oil depot can save 400000 yuan of various costs a year

according to the person in charge of this project in the transportation department, the oil depot is only one link, and more benefits will be generated under the IOT connecting the oil depot, transportation fleet, oil tank truck and gas station

according to the actual calculation, the distribution efficiency of transportation vehicles is increased by more than 1/5, and the distribution cost is expected to be reduced by more than 8 million yuan throughout the year. Through the video management of the whole process of vehicle distribution, the running, emitting, dripping and leaking of oil products during the distribution are blocked, and the abnormal loss of oil products is reduced. It is estimated that the loss of 20million yuan per year can be blocked. The application of IOT and other technical means has significantly improved the management level of Sichuan sales Highway distribution. From January to September this year, the company usually ended the collection process under the constraints of certain conditions (for example, the freight per ton of oil on the full road of the disk decreased by 2.88 yuan compared with the same period last year)

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