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Philippines "world": India favors Chinese made construction machinery

Philippines "world": India favors Chinese made construction machinery

the servo valves adopted are imported servo valves. 3. Production of cathode materials. The oil pump adopts the internal gear pump imported from Italy

information on Chinese construction machinery

with the promotion and implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Made in China is becoming the "main force" in the construction and development of Southeast Asian countries. On March 13, reliance group, one of the largest commercial companies in India, purchased 50 qy75v wheel cranes with a total value of 80million yuan from the couch car

these cranes will be used for the construction of Jamnagar Petrochemical smelting base in India, the world's largest petrochemical smelting base. This is the largest export overseas order of Zoomlion since 2015, and it is also the third time that reliance group of India has purchased Zoomlion crane products in large quantities

"China's construction machinery products have been very mature in terms of quality, technology and after-sales service, and have reached the same level as European and American countries." Jena, the technical director of reliance group, revealed that during the procurement bidding period, reliance group made a comprehensive comparison with many of the world's top construction machinery and equipment manufacturers. It is with cutting-edge scientific research technology, customized adaptability and nanny style personal service that made in China finally came to the fore

jena said that with high quality, high cost performance and fast delivery time, Chinese crane products represented by Zoomlion have occupied more than 80% of the Indian market

taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road", Zoomlion is ready for overseas expansion, and the proportion of overseas market revenue will increase to% within three to five years. "We are ready to compete head-on with industry giants in their home markets in Europe and the United States." Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion and general manager of overseas companies, said

it is understood that the field of construction machinery, such as helmets and bulletproof vests, was monopolized by European and American products for a long time in the past. In recent years, Chinese construction machinery products have become active in domestic and foreign markets through independent innovation, and have gradually been favored by customers at home and abroad

Zoomlion has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries and branches in more than 40 countries, becoming the representative of "going global" made in China. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, believes that compared with the world's leading equipment manufacturing enterprises, Chinese enterprises do not lack technology, but a "craftsman spirit". To become a world manufacturing power, China must pay attention to product quality and details, and strive for perfection and perfection in every product

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