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PetroChina and Sinopec said they were taking measures to ease the shortage of natural gas

since the end of last year, there has been a shortage of natural gas supply in some regions of China. At present, the demand for natural gas in various regions has not been eased. On the supply of natural gas during the Spring Festival, the relevant heads of PetroChina and Sinopec said yesterday that a series of measures have been taken in terms of resource supply, transportation and allocation to ensure the stable supply of domestic oil and gas during the Spring Festival

Sinopec oil field exploration and development should estimate the load of the experiment before the experiment. Shi Xingchun, deputy director of the Ministry of industry, said 1. The working principle of the impact testing machine. During the Spring Festival, Sinopec's gas supply will reach 20million cubic meters/day. At present, the supply situation in Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and Northeast China, the main supply areas of Sinopec, is good, and there is no serious tension between supply and demand

in order to ensure the supply of natural gas in the main supply market, Sinopec has strengthened its capacity construction before the winter. Southwest oil and gas field completed the capacity construction of 50 natural gas wells, which provided a guarantee for the stable gas supply in Sichuan earthquake stricken areas. At the end of October last year, the production capacity of 400million cubic meters of Songnan gas field was put into operation ahead of schedule, easing the tight gas supply situation in Changchun for several years

as the most important supplier in China's natural gas market, PetroChina has specially formulated a plan for the safe supply of natural gas during the festival on the basis of the gas supply plan in February

in terms of domestic resources, PetroChina continues to maintain its high load production in winter and is ready to release production in case of emergency. The volume of natural gas commodities arranged in February was 200million cubic meters/day, the same as that in January. Overseas, the western section of the second west east gas pipeline project will transfer the natural gas from Central Asia to the Shaanxi Beijing system and the northern Xinjiang pipeline according to the maximum download volume, and be prepared to increase the transfer volume in case of emergency

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