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Step motor driven valveless metering pump

the VMP customized for integrated distribution systems is the most advanced precision step motor driven valveless metering pump in the world. The VMP metering pump is cascaded by a set of FMI and a second stepping motor. FMI is a widely recognized precision stepping motor driven valveless metering pump

with this structure, users can change the stroke of the pump electronically, so as to fine tune the flow of the pump with high precision according to actual needs. The product does not need any external power and air, and is completely self-contained. Due to the deformation of the material, it can not only work independently, but also be easily integrated with the existing system

flow regulation is achieved through the ingenious cooperation of two independent control stepping motors. No tools and no dial, reducing the possibility of error

one of the cascaded stepping motors increases or decreases the stroke of the pump by changing the angle of the pump head, so as to adjust the flow. For standard FMI pumps, it can only be achieved by manually adjusting the guide screw. The second step motor controls the FMI valveless pump, which is used to adjust the feeding speed and frequency

the product includes the following features: high precision step adjustment (0.0144 UL per step); High chemical compatibility (using ceramics and fluorocarbons to form fluid channels); Press the "stop" key for a period of high load (up to 84 million cycles after testing); The electronic controller is easy to learn and master; Memory cannot ignore the obvious influence of different thermal stability of raw resin on the color fluctuation of products. 100 working procedures; Support foot switch and remote control; Support independent operation and panel installation; Support system integration, instrument integration and multi head distribution

built in XL controller makes product setting more convenient

the product provides a friendly touch screen interface, and users can easily adjust the flow, injection speed and the number of cycles required to complete the injection. With the built-in 100 groups of "Mechanical Engineer thian engsan said, users can modify the working mode at any time as needed

in addition, users can program single or all metering pumps through a palm Zire, which provides a richer and intuitive graphical interface. The operation data of the pump can be transmitted back to palm, and then transmitted to the computer through palm for long-term storage. In order to prevent the operator from modifying the operation program improperly, the product provides a password function. The upcoming OEM version will also integrate rich interfaces, which means that users can more flexibly program metering pumps through palm, PLC or computer, and connect multiple metering pumps for control and programming through local area

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