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Steps to introduce cloud computing into SOA

Dustin Amrhein, an emerging technology expert in IBM WebSphere department, said that there are many views about the relationship between cloud computing and SOA. Put these words into your favorite search engine, and you can get enough information for a day. You may find some articles discussing how SOA leads to cloud computing, how a good SOA becomes the premise of using cloud computing, or how to use cloud computing in your SOA. Amrh's target consumer group lives in cities, but occasionally needs to carry things the size of small furniture. Ein said that I spent a lot of time reading these types of articles and listening to experts discuss issues related to SOA and cloud computing. These things make me think about such a question: how can enterprises introduce the experience of cloud computing into SOA

in order to introduce cloud computing experience to SOA, enterprises may want to create their own physical infrastructure, storage or network function cloud computing. These should be done. However, Amrhein believes that the best way to make SOA cloud computing is to deal with the core of SOA, that is, services. In short, to introduce cloud computing into SOA, the goal should be to create a service cloud computing. Of course, this thing is easier said than done. However, simply put, this process is divided into two steps:

1 Virtualize these services

2 Manage this virtualization

when we examine virtualization in very simple terms, solutions usually constitute some virtualization resources and capabilities to manage these resources. Virtualizing these services in SOA is a logical first step, followed by the transfer to SOA with SOA capabilities. There are many solutions on the market today, such as WebSphere cloudburst devices. These solutions provide users with a virtual package, including an operating system, service infrastructure and services. In fact, this service has become a virtualized resource, thus realizing the next very important step of introducing cloud computing into SOA

virtualization itself is not the producer of cloud computing. Therefore, after users successfully virtualize these services in their SOA, they need to establish the ability to manage this virtualization. The ability mentioned here is to introduce the characteristics of cloud computing into service virtualization. These features include applications that can create, deploy, dynamically allocate, and track these virtualized services. This brings about an elastic cloud computing. In elastic cloud computing, the use of cloud computing can be tracked to facilitate the implementation of utility pricing models related to cloud computing

once the service virtualization and the management of that virtualization are completed, the result is that the cloud computing of a service, that is, the impact experimental machine, is accurate in this energy range. Amrhein believes that service cloud computing is more valuable than hardware, storage, databases and other things, because it is introduced to resources closer to end users. Moreover, once a cloud computing service is established and high value-added aviation logistics is developed, it is easy to use the same technology to introduce this cloud computing into the applications composed of these services. This is perhaps the most valuable cloud computing, because it is an asset that a company's end users directly contact. (end)

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