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Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. realizes automatic control of the whole process of steelmaking.

the author learned from the Research Institute on December 3 that the major key project of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. "research and application of efficient automatic steelmaking integrated technology" has made a major breakthrough, realizing the automatic control of the whole process of steelmaking, reaching the international advanced level of vanadium extraction process, and creating an annual economic benefit of more than 30million yuan

it is reported that China steel, that is to say, the iron and Steel Industry Association lists the information technology of iron and steel enterprises as one of the six technologies supporting the sustainable development of China's iron and steel industry, which provides an opportunity for the development of metallurgical automation technology. At present, the advanced process technologies represented by composite injection desulfurization technology, converter vanadium extraction technology and LF, Rh are widely used in the steelmaking field operation of Pangang, which puts forward higher requirements for the process control of each process. Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. used to rely on imported control models for refining each steelmaking process. With the continuous progress of fatigue testing of steel-making level FRP pipes, the production process and raw material level are constantly changing, and the adjustment of the imported model is relatively difficult, which eventually leads to the failure of the model to work normally. In this regard, from 2009, Pangang began to study the steelmaking process control model and automatic control system with independent intellectual property rights

through several years of unremitting research, the project "research and application of integrated technology for efficient automatic steelmaking" has achieved fruitful results. Through the systematic study of multiple steelmaking processes, the high-performance closed-loop control of key variables in metallurgical process is realized, and the indicators of each process are optimized and improved

at present, the proportion of vanadium automatic desulfurization at Pangang has reached more than 90%; The proportion of automatic vanadium extraction reaches 61%; The automatic operation rate of LF is 94.21%, and that of RH is 96.13%. Around the project R & D, 40 patents have been applied for, and 20 patents have been authorized

the research of the project has successfully improved the production efficiency and vanadium extraction rate of vanadium extraction in the development of converter natural influence industry of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., contributed to the comprehensive utilization of vanadium titanium magnetite resources, and also raised the understanding of vanadium iron hot metal desulfurization, converter vanadium extraction and LF, RH molten steel refining and smelting rules to a more accurate quantitative stage. After the application of the project, the production cost of the steel-making process has been greatly reduced, the competitiveness has been further improved, and significant economic benefits have been achieved. Most enterprises in the society mainly produce two-component polyurethane waterproof coatings

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