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March into the new year, strive to seize every moment

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during the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday, people from all over the country will jointly welcome the new year with a variety of activities and raise the pen that records the value

in the morning of January 1, Inner Mongolia Museum held a "one-stop" celebration of Dan themed activity, which explained and interpreted the word Dan by means of paper cutting and interpretation, so that people could feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture

in order to welcome the new year, the 21st Harbin Ice and snow world held the "ice and snow Rock Festival" in Heilongjiang. During the new year's Eve, Harbin Ice and snow world attracted tens of thousands of tourists to the park to enjoy the ice and snow, welcome the new year together, and offer deep blessings to the motherland

on the first day of 2020, nearly 100000 Shanghai citizens chose to "get moving" and welcome the new year with national fitness. Running, which means that it is quite difficult to realize the reform, such as climbing, walking, cycling, winter swimming, etc. 22 New Year Events in 16 districts of Shanghai are vigorously carried out

on January 1, the Hubei Provincial Museum held the 2020 New Year Concert of the chimes of marquis Zeng Yi. The chime ancient music troupe of the Hubei Provincial Museum presented a unique "Chinese style" audio-visual feast to the audience with musical instruments such as copies of the chimes of marquis Zeng Yi, chimes, Chi, Sheng, and se

during the Spring Festival, Hunan Province will stage more than 400 stage art performances, more than 1000 public cultural venues for the benefit of the people, 330 Museum Memorial Spring Festival cultural and Expo exhibitions and more than 300 "intangible cultural heritage" activities, which will bring a part of the colorful "cultural and tourism feast" of the Spring Festival, for which housing is indispensable

on the first day of the month, the national new year climbing fitness Conference (the main venue of Guangdong) and the mountaineering activities of Guangdong famous mountain (Xiqiao Mountain) were held in Xiqiao Mountain scenic spot, Nanhai District, Foshan City. About 30000 mountaineering enthusiasts and tourists climbed Xiqiao Mountain to welcome the arrival of the new year. On the morning of the same day, the official party masses service sub center in Xiaogang Park, Haizhu District, Guangzhou held a Dan Huimin Carnival to celebrate the new year by raising the national flag, holding exhibitions and lectures, and selling poverty relief products

on January 1, various forms of fitness running, walking and climbing activities were held in cities, counties and districts of Ningxia, with tens of thousands of people participating

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