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The market potential of stereoscopic printing is huge

at present, some stereoscopic images printed on flat paper can often be seen in the market, with clear pictures, rich layers, realistic images, profound artistic conception, strong stereoscopic sense, very realistic, which has greatly attracted the attention of the public, especially children. This is stereoscopic printing with great development potential

stereoscopic printing has developed for a long time in China. In the 1980s, the advent of digitalization promoted the development of stereoscopic printing, and the production technology is becoming more and more perfect and stable. However, due to the lack of suitable market positioning, stereoscopic light box advertising or stereoscopic printing has not been known to the general public, but with the development of relevant technology and the growth of market demand, The domestic stereoscopic printing industry is developing rapidly. Stereoscopic printing has become an important part of special printing industry

stereoscopic printing is the improvement and supplement of plane printing technology. It is not a simple copy of a single image, but a compressed combination of multiple images. A stereoscopic print is formed by orderly arrangement of single parallax pixels from different perspectives, and achieves the effect of unifying all images. Because the information of stereoscopic image manuscript is more than ten times larger than that of plane image, printing enterprises are required to be more precise and rigorous in both the control of printing technology standards and the management of process flow. Although the operation requirements of printing enterprises are more difficult, it also provides a wide range of development space for printing enterprises. With the intensification of market competition, the sustainable development of printing enterprises is becoming more and more difficult. It is the key to grasp the characteristics and maintain the competitive advantage while acting according to the market strategy. At present, in the era of meager profits in the printing market, it has become a consensus that all switches have been turned off. How to break through a dominant characteristic road is the key. Stereoscopic printing business provides printing enterprises with an effective way to find market differentiation, so that printing enterprises have a higher brand effect and better services

there are three kinds of three-dimensional products: three-dimensional, animation and variation diagram, and the changing effect is completely different from the traditional plane printing. The technology can be applied to packaging and decoration products, commercial advertisements, anti-counterfeiting marks, trademark tags, mouse pads, all kinds of credit cards and other fields. Because of its exquisite and novel and moving characteristics, three-dimensional products are easy to catch people's attention and move customers who pursue novelty and vitality. These features can improve the added value of products, and become an excellent means for customers to promote products and improve market image and novel advertising media. This product has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years, and there is a great demand for it. From the perspective of customers, the use of stereoscopic printing can improve the quality of products and is more conducive to long-term development. The transformation from flat to three-dimensional is like the transformation from black-and-white pictures to color pictures more than a decade ago. Although the price has increased, the grade has increased, and the effect has improved. Some high-end customers first accepted it, just as hardcover and paperback have their own markets

stereoscopic printing has a large market in China. The prepress technology (software) and printing of stereoscopic printing are almost the same as that of ordinary printing. Ordinary printing plants can take it as a new investment project, especially when the cost of stereoscopic printing can be accepted by most printing plants at present, ordinary printing enterprises can improve their profits through this new investment project. Relatively speaking, stereoscopic printing is easier to obtain profits than traditional printing with six authorized materials and their requirements, such as 100710161030105510601062. At the same time, the application of stereoscopic printing in foreign countries is also very extensive, and the market is relatively mature. Many foreign enterprises are interested in China's cheap labor costs and send stereoscopic printing business to China to greatly reduce production costs. These foreign orders have also become the pillar business of domestic stereoscopic printing, providing a broad market for domestic printing enterprises

stereoscopic printing can provide people with a lifelike three-dimensional world, colorful visual enjoyment, and has great market potential. It will become one of the important development directions of printing enterprises in the future

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