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Stereoscopic printing looks forward to new development (Part 2)

fortunately, most stereoscopic printing enterprises have recognized this development trend and have made efforts in materials and environmental protection products to retain more business

(5) technology needs to be innovated

in recent years, the domestic stereoscopic printing market has developed greatly and a number of well-known enterprises have emerged, such as Wuliangye Pushi 3D Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Meibang pute Technology Co., Ltd. But on the whole, the domestic three-dimensional printing enterprises generally lack the spirit of innovation, which includes two aspects: first, the lack of technological innovation; First, there is a lack of product innovation

many domestic printing enterprises have insufficient understanding of new product development. As long as they have work on hand, they will not take the initiative to seek technological breakthroughs, and rarely work on the development of new products. Among them, 87% of recycled plastics are exported directly or indirectly (through Hong Kong) to China. Different from foreign countries, printing methods such as fragrance and foaming grating, which are rare in China, have been widely used in stereoscopic printing

today, with the increasing digitalization of printing enterprises, stereoscopic printing enterprises should apply the latest technology to the field of stereoscopic printing and dare to explore, so as to have great development

2. Market development

(1) foreign companies are the protagonists

stereoscopic printing enterprises are in the majority in Guangdong, Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Many of these enterprises are joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises. In terms of business sources, especially for enterprises with a certain scale, outsourcing is the pillar business of stereoscopic printing enterprises. Obviously, for foreign-funded or joint venture enterprises, receiving foreign orders has its unique advantages. Such enterprises can easily rely on the resources of the foreign party to operate foreign orders

at present, stereoscopic printing is more widely used in foreign countries, and the market is relatively mature. Many foreign enterprises take a fancy to China's cheap labor and low cost, and send stereoscopic printing business to China to greatly reduce production costs. Generally, the requirements for external orders are high, and the consumables such as grating materials and inks used need to be imported, but even so, domestic stereoscopic printing enterprises can still bring many benefits to foreign customers

of course, enterprises that only do domestic business also widely exist. Relatively speaking, these enterprises are generally small in scale and use more domestic consumables. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, many three-dimensional printing enterprises also have sufficient business volume relying on many stationery, toy production, signs and other small commodity production enterprises in the region

(2) borrow "machine" printing

at the beginning of the interview, there was a phenomenon that attracted the author's attention, that is, some three-dimensional printing enterprises did not have their own printing equipment. After making the film, they need to take it to other printing plants to print finished or semi-finished products. If they need die-cutting or pressing and other processes, they can take it back for pressing or die-cutting. Such a phenomenon of printing by "turning off the power of the industrial control box at the end of the machine" is not accidental, but a common phenomenon in the field of stereoscopic printing

the reason is that printing equipment is expensive. Stereo printing requires high accuracy. What needs to be printed on the machine is either thicker coated paper or paperboard or thicker grating. The requirements for the performance of the printing machine are very high and the damage to the printing equipment is serious. Generally, only some imported equipment can be competent. However, the purchase cost of these imported equipment is very high, and most domestic three-dimensional printing enterprises choose to print by "machine"

according to the author's analysis, this may also be one of the reasons why stereoscopic printing enterprises are more distributed in Guangdong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Backed by many excellent printing enterprises, they can take the printing business to different printing plants for printing, and many local advanced printing equipment are their available resources

looking forward to the new development of stereoscopic printing

stereoscopic products have three kinds: stereoscopic, animation and variation diagram, and the changing effect is completely different from the traditional plane printing. Because of its exquisite and novel and moving characteristics, three-dimensional products are easy to catch people's attention and move customers who pursue novelty and vitality. These features can improve the added value of products, and become an excellent means for customers to promote products and improve market image and novel advertising media. This product has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years, and there is a great demand for it

at the same time, we should also see that stereoscopic printing also has a large market in China. In addition, the prepress technology (software) and printing of stereoscopic printing are almost the same as that of ordinary printing. Ordinary printing plants can take it as a new investment project, especially when the cost of stereoscopic printing has been accepted by most printing plants, Ordinary printing enterprises can increase their profits through this new investment project. Relatively speaking, stereoscopic printing is easier to make profits than traditional printing

during the interview, many interviewees provided us with a variety of stereoscopic printing applications that could be developed. Expanding the application field of stereoscopic printing is an important content of developing stereoscopic printing

1. Three dimensional animation

animated three-dimensional films can get dynamic pictures by changing the observation angle. If the printed three-dimensional print is called three-dimensional space print, and then the dynamic factor is added. As the negotiation of this reorganization enters a critical period, the combination of three-dimensional sense and animation can produce a new four-dimensional space print. This kind of stereoscopic printing is more novel and has been widely used at present

stereoscopic light box advertising is not common now, but there have been many attempts. Because large format advertising printing has high requirements for gratings and inks, this application is not much in China, mainly due to the high production cost (generally, the batch of advertising products is small). However, many people in the industry are still very optimistic about this application, because now the competition in the light box advertising market is fierce, and advertisers must come up with some new and more attractive forms to attract customers. At present, the manifestation of stereoscopic printing is the best, and there is no need to invest expensive costs. As long as the technology is strictly controlled, exquisite stereoscopic printing can be produced. Therefore, in the near future, such an updated form of publicity media will certainly be favored by advertisers

3. Anti counterfeiting function

the imaging technology of stereo printing itself is equivalent to the use of Jin Chengli. What magic can he use to conquer the judges of two high-level competitions? Optical encryption anti-counterfeiting method can not be simply copied like ordinary printed matter, but can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting identification of tobacco, alcohol, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, drugs and other products. Some experts boldly predicted that in the near future, three-dimensional printing trademarks will inevitably become the main anti-counterfeiting method

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