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On November 5, onebillion people gathered together to celebrate the 18th anniversary of onebillion contact. In this year, we worked hard. In this year, we had a bumper harvest. We won the first place in the world. We didn't forget to keep our feet on the ground. Heavy new products came out one after another, and provide considerate services. The circle of friends expanded several times. Only by focusing can we win, Challenge peak

we congratulate Yi Lianlian on her 18th birthday with a bright report card

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improve the organizational combat effectiveness and become a century old enterprise

this celebration adheres to the theme of not only taking steps to challenge the peak, reviews the achievements made in the past, and sets the goal of constantly challenging and surpassing ourselves. The dinner kicked off with the speech of Chen Zhisong, chairman of Yilian

since its establishment 18 years ago, the business has achieved rapid development. Chen Zhisong said: Although we are highly praised for going public, our values of doing things in a down-to-earth manner have not been lost. We are still a very pragmatic company, which we must adhere to if we want to be a century old enterprise

chairman chenzhisong's speech

under the guidance of clear strategic direction and objectives, Yilian has made considerable breakthroughs in all businesses in the past year, and has developed into a listed enterprise with the largest market value in Xiamen

Video Conference business has become the focus of the future development of enterprises. The newly released Yilian cloud video and the upcoming new generation of video terminals better interpret the strategic layout of Yilian cloud integration. The SIP phone business continued to play a triumphant song, winning the market share of the world's third equipment. The warranty period is one year from the date of official delivery. The new T5 series phone was launched to expand the high-end market. The partnership with Microsoft has been further deepened, and a series of product and technical cooperation have been carried out around AI technology. The portable hands-free conference cp900 is a new masterpiece. Our circle of friends has expanded again, and we have reached strategic cooperation with Chinatelecom group, Tencent cloud, Sony (China), etc

in order to become a century old enterprise, the rapid development of business alone is not enough. It is necessary to improve the organizational combat effectiveness and meet the challenge. Is this kind of packaging material harmful to human body? These days, we face arduous challenges. In his speech, President Chen said that Yilian should use simple, transparent and efficient organizational principles to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and improve the organizational atmosphere and atmosphere; Set high goals as a guide to help the company and employees break through difficulties, grow rapidly, and build the core competitiveness of the enterprise

taking steps to challenge the peak is not just a slogan. It tells every Yilian person: while moving forward in a down-to-earth manner, they should also have the courage to challenge themselves and create greater value

fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises

share the development achievements and pair up to help Dongxiang County

enterprises develop at a high speed, and we can't forget what we shoulder. The wealth of enterprises comes from society, and the development of enterprises cannot be separated from social support. As a leading enterprise in the enterprise communication industry, Yilian fulfilled the social responsibility and signed a pair assistance agreement with Dongxiang County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province, highlighting the responsibility of the enterprise

Yilian signed a contract with Dongxiang County to help in pairs

Dongxiang County of Linxia Prefecture is an Autonomous County of Dongxiang ethnic minorities, which belongs to a national level county in deep poverty. Dongxiang County has a deep mountain valley, with an average altitude of more than 2000 meters. There are agricultural special products such as apricot, pepper, Dongxiang sheep and Dongxiang potato. However, due to asymmetric information and high logistics costs, agricultural and animal husbandry products are often unsalable, and the local breeding and planting industry has been difficult to develop

coincided with the 18th anniversary celebration, Yilian purchased a large number of Linxia mutton gift bags from the villagers in Dongxiang County and distributed them to every employee, giving the local villagers the most direct help with practical actions

mutton gift bags purchased in large quantities

in addition to purchasing agricultural special products, Yilian also donated funds to Dongxiang County for special poverty alleviation work, signed a long-term pairing assistance agreement with the local people, and contributed Yilian to local development

poverty alleviation actions and public welfare undertakings do not happen overnight, and Yi Lian has never been absent on the road of fulfilling society. In terms of social welfare, Yilian has participated in charity projects, helping many orphaned children in pairs, helping them study at ease and live a happy life; The video solution of billion contact has also widened the road of information-based prosperity for Pingdingshan Baofeng County, Guangzhou Taiping Town and other regions, and further transformed it into the driving force of economic development

while enterprises continue to grow bigger and stronger, we must not forget the society we shoulder. Yilian will maintain the feelings of private enterprises that think of the source of drinking water, share the achievements of the rapid development of enterprises with the society, and repay the society with true feelings and practical actions

care for employees, high-end prizes, and many benefits

hi turn the whole program. The experimental machine series products produced by Jinan assay are widely applicable to various industries for physical and chemical testing. They are wonderful

this anniversary celebration everywhere reflects the care of Yilian for employees who have worked hard for a long time. On site, the senior employees who have worked in Yilian for five or ten years were commended, and their contributions to Yilian were thanked

Zhang Lianchang, the general manager of

Yilian, said: the company is developing rapidly and needs more business backbones and management backbones to support it. It is expected that more employees can grow rapidly in Yilian, settle down, become the backbone of the company, and enjoy the dividends of the rapid development of the company

General Manager Zhang Lianchang's speech

senior employees accept awards

Yilian people not only performed outstanding in business development, but also brought vitality and joy to the scene. The program performance of the dinner vividly restored the picture of Yilian struggling, reaping a bumper harvest and looking forward to the future. The live dance performance, song burning and other programs ignited the atmosphere of the dinner

wonderful live performance

the booming development of the enterprise is naturally inseparable from the hard work of the majority of Yilian employees. Yilian specially presented special greeting cards and commemorative gifts to every employee present, thanking them for their contributions to the rapid development of Yilian. Hundreds of good gifts were also prepared for the lottery at the celebration site, and the interactive games attracted a lot of laughter and laughter from the audience, so that the employees could have fun and return

a special commemorative card for each employee

the 18th anniversary celebration of billion contact came to an end in joy. Looking back on the past, we have worked together with innovation and focus to create a fiery today belonging to Yilian. Facing the future, we will not stop challenging the peak. With our original intention, we will continue to write tomorrow's glory with the enthusiasm of second entrepreneurship

about Yilian

Xiamen Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300628) is a global listed enterprise communication company, which provides cloud + end video conferencing, IP voice communication and collaboration solutions with international quality, leading technology and friendly experience, and has reached long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with international brands such as Microsoft. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, owns the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, helping all kinds of enterprises and institutions improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand, yealink, sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world (fros pending confirmation t Sullivan data) and user satisfaction ranks first in the world (Eastern Management Group survey data)

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