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SteelEye and huirui provide comprehensive compliance solutions

will provide outstanding comprehensive compliance solutions for financial service companies

this cooperation will allow customers to directly integrate SteelEye's innovative regulatory platform and huirui's leading recording technology

this complementary cooperation between the two sides will help enterprises seamlessly fulfill their obligations on record keeping, transaction reconstruction and best execution, Combined with the industry-leading analysis function

the impending date of the introduction of MiFID II (the European Union can install the experimental machine "financial instruments market directive II"), as well as the United States "Dodd Frank act" (Dodd Frank), the European market infrastructure regulation (Emir), the European Union "anti market abuse directive"/"market abuse regulation" (mad/mar) and other global directives continue to increase, Created a huge market opportunity

SteelEye, a compliance technology and data analysis company, is pleased to announce that it has reached a cooperation with Verint systems, a compliance recording technology provider. This complementary cooperation between the two sides will enable enterprises to obtain SteelEye's record keeping, transaction reconstruction and best execution functions through a cost-effective scalable joint platform, and can combine huirui's outstanding record keeping and modular communication solutions

huirui's leading position in the field of actionable intelligence (current information to assist intelligent decision-making) and customer engagement solutions, and its strong strength in compliance records, enable it to bring high-end enterprise transaction and cooperation compliance platforms to the financial services industry through scalable compliance records, voice analysis and active policy control technologies. These leading solutions can help enterprises monitor the large number of interactions generated in multiple channels every day, and provide them with an integrated end-to-end solution to fulfill their regulatory obligations

steeleye and huirui's expertise and resources will bring outstanding comprehensive solutions to financial services companies to meet the growing regulatory needs faced by these companies under MiFID II and other regulatory and reporting obligations. Regulatory regulations such as the Dodd Frank act of the United States, Emir, mad/mar, aimfd (the EU Directive on alternative investment fund managers), and the upcoming mifir (the EU regulation on the market for financial instruments) and MiFID II have brought an unprecedented burden on record keeping and reporting to enterprises, which has brought unprecedented requirements to data storage and transaction reporting, Failure to comply with the rules of the law will face great risks of sanctions and reputation damage. However, SteelEye can help enterprises solve these regulatory challenges by converging communication, transaction and market data while reducing costs and complexity. This cooperation between SteelEye and huirui will enable enterprises to fulfill their regulatory obligations by using the latest and most advanced data and analysis functions in a scalable and cost-effective manner

Matt Smith, CEO of SteelEye, explained that SteelEye has always been the best communication and transaction record keeping solution, and can combine the most advanced transaction reconstruction function in the current market. We firmly believe that in order to verify the real best execution, enterprises must prove that their actions are in the best interests of customers through communication means such as voice. Although SteelEye is neutral in data sources, this cooperation with huirui will enable our customers to obtain fully integrated and affordable answers to their global regulatory obligations

steeleye cloud based platform can also bring many unique competitive advantages, which can help enterprises optimize their business. The platform is designed to help regulated enterprises not only comply with their regulatory obligations, but also support them in seeking to create long-term benefits on the data they must collect for regulatory purposes. This can help them improve trading efficiency, profitability and control. SteelEye is now the only platform that can provide transaction reporting, record keeping, transaction reconstruction, best execution and data analysis through a single comprehensive solution

John Bourne, senior vice president of huirui global channels and alliances, said: Communication capture and data archiving are the most important compliance factors, but enterprises should not stop at monitoring or ignore the recording problem. In regulated industries, global organizations that need to regularly contact long-term and short-term customers and partners must understand the risks associated with each interaction due to high phosphorus content. However, data collection is not just to control this risk. SteelEye is an innovator in the field of compliance technology. We are happy to work with SteelEye to turn their recordings and other communication materials into unique insight analysis and measurable business intelligence

huirui's technology can also help financial companies meet their most critical business requirements by providing insight and analysis of key data. The company's platform captures voice, video, instant messaging (IM), desktop screen and content sharing through an integrated and scalable product. Through this platform, enterprises can meet their record keeping requirements in a flexible and close way to their business needs, protect information privacy, quickly conduct anti fraud analysis, and effectively manage their communications

Andrew Davies, head of global financial compliance at huirui, added: SteelEye has proved to be a real disruptor in the regulatory and compliance industry. When the new regulation comes into effect, enterprises need to face so many different requirements. In this context, we are happy to cooperate with SteelEye to help enterprises fulfill their regulatory obligations and gain strategic advantages from the data they collect

steeleye introduction

steeleye is currently the only regulatory compliance technology and data analysis company that can provide transaction reporting, record keeping, transaction reconstruction and best execution as well as data insight through a comprehensive solution. The company's scalable secure data storage platform can provide encryption and outstanding analysis for data stored on devices and transmitted data, help financial enterprises fulfill their regulatory obligations, gain additional insight into their business activities, help them improve transaction efficiency and profitability, and store data in the place they choose. With the fully open API (application program to ensure safe self-locking programming interface in case of accidental burst of hydraulic pipeline) framework, SteelEye allows customers to see, interpret and store the combined data in a flexible way that suits their needs

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