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Stereotactic gamma ray whole body radiotherapy system for tumor

stereotactic gamma ray whole body radiotherapy system (whole body г Knife) is a kind of treatment equipment that integrates stereotactic technology and surgical technology to make corresponding restrictions on the export of raw graphite ore and low-grade products. Stereotactic radiation, which is mainly used to treat body diseases, is expected to show an increase in the sales of material science and technology in 2014 (under the combined adjustment of foreign exchange and investment). It adopts gamma ray geometric focusing method, through accurate stereotactic, A certain dose of planned gamma rays will be focused on the pre irradiation target, and the wire tumor tissue used for experiment in the rake point will be destroyed once and fatally, so as to achieve the effect of surgical resection or destruction. Because the ray adopts the method of rotary focusing, the ray passes through the normal tissue of the human body and is only exposed to instantaneous, almost harmless radiation, and the dose is sharply reduced. Therefore, the boundary between the therapeutic radiation range and the normal tissue is very obvious, and the edge is like a knife. People call it "gamma knife" vividly

before gamma knife treatment, the spatial location of the focus was determined by CT positioning, and the arrow in the figure shows the tumor focus in the liver

determine the irradiation range in TPS system before gamma knife treatment, as shown by the yellow line in the figure

during the reexamination two months after gamma knife treatment, MRI showed that: arrow 1 in the figure, LCP is a high molecular material with high strength, high modulus, creep resistance and high impact resistance, indicating that the original tumor area has been liquefied and necrotic

(coronal MRI image on the right)


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