Paralympian swimmer shares frustrations over vacci

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Paralympian swimmer shares frustrations over vaccine rollout for people with disabilities - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Warnings against opening up before everyone with a disability is vaccinated

The commission has toldhealth-care workers who work with patients directly?the federal government that no state or territory should be allowed to reopen until every Australian with a disability is fully vaccinated.

It warns too many lives will be endangered if states and territories are allowed to ease restrictions once they hit the 70 per cent double vaccination target in the national plan to reopen Australia.

The commission has urged the federal government to “use its best endeavours to ensure that no state or territory significantly eases restrictions” at 70 per cent unless it is sure of two things.

FirstlyThe latest in your inbox, all people with a disability should be fully vaccinatedclearly overworked, or be satisfied they’ve had a genuine opportunity to do so.

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