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Chinese traditional civilization requires everyone to put filial piety first, and social morality advocates all kinds of goodness and filial piety first. It is our duty to create a comfortable and safe home life for our elders, and it is also our filial piety. The following is the notes for the elderly room decoration collected by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network. Let's have a look


our elders are people who came over from the last century, especially our grandparents. Many of their thoughts are still in history. They may not accept the modern fashion trend for the moment, and they prefer the classical home style, so the elegant Chinese decoration style should be their favorite. Xiaobian reminds you that you can decorate the elderly bedroom with ink paintings or Chinese furniture design

bay window

if the conditions of household type allow, try to design a bedroom space with balcony for the elders, because the elderly are so strong when they are unwell, it is good for them to bask more in the sun. The bay window design should try to use heavy colored curtains, which can play a good shading effect and create a quiet sleeping space when the elderly take a nap


the elderly usually have poor sleep quality and are particularly afraid of a warm and noisy environment, so the elderly's room should be dominated by heavy colors, and the lighting should be warm and harmonious. The bedroom space of the elderly can try to use warm yellow lights to create a warm and comfortable space atmosphere




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