Hot summer decoration is troublesome. Dolorca ward

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Summer is not considered a good season for home decoration because of its high temperature and plenty of rain, resulting in two extreme weather phenomena: too dry or too wet. In fact, as long as you pay attention to a few key details in summer decoration, you can successfully complete the whole decoration process

if the decoration in summer is improper, it is often prone to the following conditions:

then, in view of these easy phenomena, what details should we pay attention to when we decorate in summer

first, maintain good indoor ventilation

secondly, special attention should be paid to wall decoration

there are also areas that need attention in the ground decoration

finally, other engineering projects, such as wood products, buried wires, etc., also need attention

in addition, Laoka wardrobe should also remind you:

in muggy weather, try not to directly use a cloth with water to clean the wooden door. In the corner of your home, you can choose some dehumidification products such as hygroscopic boxes and activated carbon

because of the high humidity in summer, it is necessary to wait for all positions to dry thoroughly after wiping the tiles before waxing; When waxing, use adhesive tape to stick furniture legs, chair legs, floor skirting lines and other parts, so as to avoid being polluted by ceramic tile wax and difficult to clean

when the temperature is high, because the PVC molecules on the surface are more active, when cleaning with water, if there is too much water or the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the infiltration of water into the bottom of the wallpaper, so warm water should not be used

with these wonderful decoration tips, you can enjoy the convenience brought by the off-season decoration without worrying about various problems




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