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Gas stove is a necessary kitchen cooking equipment for every family. A fully functional and high-quality gas stove plays an important role in people's daily life. It is not only related to cooking, but also directly affects the use safety of the kitchen. Gas stoves refer to kitchen appliances that are heated directly with liquefied petroleum gas (liquid), artificial gas, natural gas and other gaseous fuels. According to the gas source, gas stoves are mainly divided into liquefied gas stoves, gas stoves and natural gas stoves. According to the focus eye, it can be divided into single focus, double focus and multi eye focus

I. what is the device in the red circle

flameout protection device - safety device for household stove

gb16410-2007? Domestic gas appliances? It is specified that the stove should be equipped with a flameout protection device. Standard requirements: the flameout protection device of the stove shall meet the requirements that the valve opening time ≤ 15 s; Valve closing time ≤ 60 s. The durability of the flameout protection device requires that after 6000 actions, the air tightness and the opening and closing time of the valve are qualified, which does not hinder the use

second, how important is the flameout protection device

if the safety flameout protection is not installed, gas leakage may occur during use, especially when the accidental flameout occurs. If no one finds it, the consequences are very serious - deflagration and explosion. Moreover, the manufacturer must recall the domestic gas stoves without flameout protection devices. Watch the news of defective products management center of AQSIQ

III. whether the flameout protection device is qualified

how to judge whether the flameout protection device is qualified? Effective test method: after burning for 15 minutes, shut down the fire forcibly immediately, and record the time from flameout to shutdown of the flameout protection device. If the valve closing time is ≤ 60 s, it is qualified

IV. "four concerns" to ensure safety

(1) pay attention to the product quality of domestic gas stoves, and select products with qualified product quality inspection and good after-sales service

(2) pay attention to the installation and maintenance enterprises and personnel qualifications

(3) pay attention to the installation quality - the installation and maintenance of gas burning appliances should meet the relevant national standards

(4) pay attention to the use safety - before using the gas cooker for the first time, carefully read the product manual, maintain good ventilation, advocate customers to check themselves every day to prevent leakage, and timely replace the cooker whose service life has expired. The best service life of the cooker is 8 years

regulatory link

? Urban gas management regulations? Article 27 fuel gas users shall abide by the rules for safe use of gas, use qualified fuel gas burning appliances and cylinders, timely replace fuel gas burning appliances and connecting pipes that have been officially eliminated by the state or have expired their service life, and pay fuel gas fees within the agreed time limit

Article 32 the production and sales units of gas burning appliances shall set up or entrust the establishment of after-sales service stations, equipped with qualified gas burning appliances installation and maintenance personnel, responsible for after-sales installation and maintenance services. The installation and maintenance of gas burning appliances shall comply with the relevant national standards




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