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The bathroom is a relatively hidden place in our home. If it is not properly decorated, it may also attract some bad home feng shui. What Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to in the decoration of sanitary tiles? Next, Xiaobian will explain the problem of Feng Shui in toilet decoration

I. bathroom tile color Feng Shui

1. If the bathroom space is relatively small, you can use light colored tiles to expand the field of vision, or you can use reflection to improve the brightness of the space. White looks clean and bright, which is also a good choice. You can also choose warm colored tiles such as orange and blue, which are bright, concise and fashionable

2. Monochrome tiles tend to make people feel boring, so they are generally used with fancy tiles. Generally, monochrome tiles can be infinitely wonderful with a slight change. For example, when the bathroom space is relatively large, you can use dark colored tiles with light colored tiles, which has an active atmosphere and does not lose stability

3. Try not to use bright yellow and golden yellow tiles in the bathroom. These colors belong to fire in the five elements, and the bathroom is a dirty place, so you can't let it burn

2. The tiles in the bathroom are paved with Feng Shui

1. First, the tiles on the wall must be fully pasted, so that it can resist the erosion of moisture, protect the waterproof layer of the wall, and maintain cleanliness and beauty for a long time. If you use the ceiling, you should pay attention to paving the part covered by the ceiling with tiles, so as to well protect the whole wall

2. The tiles on the ground must be non slip, such as some concave convex tiles, which can protect the owner from slipping and injury. In addition, the location and size of the floor drain must be taken into account when laying bricks. Generally, the laying of floor tiles will retain a 1% water leakage slope. The floor drain is the lowest, which is convenient for drainage. The toilet will not accumulate water and affect health

3. The dry and wet areas should be separated, and the dry and wet areas should be divided by different ceramic tile materials and colors, so that they do not interfere with each other, so as to avoid the embarrassment of splashing and wiping after bathing

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illustration of office feng shui seats

(1) avoid seats facing the door

Office Feng Shui seats cannot directly face the door. Because the door is the entrance and exit of the air flow and energy of the whole office, and the seat is facing the door, it will be rushed by the entrance aura, which will easily affect a person's subconscious and nervous system, resulting in a hot temper or illness for no reason. You can set up a screen or plant at the door as a way to dissolve it. There should be a backrest (wall or cabinet) behind the Feng Shui seat in the office, and you can't carry the door or aisle behind your back

the back of the brain is the brain wave radiation area, which is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body to sense the gas field; Therefore, the back of the office seat should be fixed and immovable; If someone walks behind, it is easy to lose concentration, and virtually turn a part of attention to the back of the brain, which will consume energy for a long time, affecting work efficiency and health

(3) the front of the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be close to the wall (the buffer zone is not enough)

people's eyes grow in front, which is to capture more information; If the office seat is too close to the wall, you can't see the people and things around, which will cause subconscious anxiety and affect the stability of the nervous system

(4) there should be no one in front of the Feng Shui seat in the office

if there are people facing each other in front of the office seat, it is also a kind of psychological evil. Without their own privacy space, it will either cause each other's satisfaction, or distract their attention, like talking and laughing with each other, and affect their work. It's best to put some potted plants or documents between two people

(5) the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the toilet door

the toilet is the place where filthy gas gathers, and the toilet door is the place where filthy gas is discharged. People who have been around the toilet door or facing the toilet door for a long time will get sick because of excessive filthy gas. If it cannot be avoided, a screen or large broad-leaved plants can be installed between the toilet and the seat, which can more or less block out a little filth, and the toilet door must be closed at any time

(6) the Feng Shui seat in the office should not be behind the copier or computer.

the overflow magnetic field of the copier and computer is relatively strong. If the office seat is too close or directly behind the computer, it will easily affect its own magnetic field for a long time, resulting in physical and mental disorders, and indirectly affect the fate. It is best to keep the interval, or put a basin of broad-leaved plants in the middle, but the plants should be replaced on schedule, otherwise it will also become a second pollution Source

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