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There are always people who hesitate before deciding on price and quality. Floor heating, a big commodity, looks like it. Now let's talk about why floor heating can't be bought cheaply

first of all, if you buy a bargain, it's the same as when you buy other bargains. Only the moment you buy it is happy! The more you use it, the more you regret it. Because we all know that cheap things are always accompanied by extremely low costs, especially today when labor and prices are rising

if you buy expensive ones (provided that the price matches the quality), you may feel distressed at the moment of giving money! But when I use it later, I am happy every day. When I think about it, I won't regret my original decision. I think it's especially worth it, because it's "genuine"

some customers like bargaining very much. Even if they raise the price in advance and then let them bargain, they should be comfortable. They say that the charges are expensive from the beginning, and they will press down the price to calculate the cost. But in fact, the operation of floor heating is definitely not as simple as the cost of materials, but also: "design cost, labor cost, marketing cost, company normal operation cost, management cost, logistics cost, storage cost, post maintenance cost..." these are our so-called brand premium, and those so-called bargains save costs, but can these be saved

those who calculate the cost as soon as they come up, ask you a question: "give you all the materials for floor heating, can you install floor heating?"

this is like giving you steel and cement and asking you to build your own house! Give you a needle and ask you to give yourself acupuncture

don't think that service is free. Don't buy brand goods for good quality and after-sales service? The premise of service is profit. Every company must survive. The profit can be appropriately reduced but cannot disappear. You take away all the profits to ensure survival. Who can guarantee the quality of products and after-sales service

camel floor heating would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime




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