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After several months of careful preparation, Shandong Linyi exclusive store has a simple and elegant style space and keeps improving the samples, so that customers can enjoy Lanzhi soft home space

Shandong Linyi exclusive store opened grandly

Shandong Linyi exclusive store has been carefully prepared for several months. The style space is simple and atmospheric, and the samples are kept improving, so that customers can enjoy Lanzhi soft decoration home space

on the day of opening, customers continued to enter Lanzhi Linyi store to choose the most exciting products. Lanzhi adheres to the consistent ingenuity, makes every detail of curtain products to the extreme, treats every customer sincerely, and gives consumers an impeccable experience

Linyi belonged to Qi land in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was divided into cities in the spring and Autumn period and was named Liqiu city. Because the urban map looks like lying cattle, it has other names such as "lying cattle city" and "Li City"; The provincial hongtansi Forest Park is planted with 10000 mu of Sophora japonica forest, showing the magical charm of Taoran Garden, natural scenery and natural oxygen bar, enjoying the reputation of "Sophora japonica township"; With the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage of "YiGouGou" drama, "Deping Dayang song", it is the hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy

live view in the store

the season of flowers in May is coming. The grand opening of Shandong Linyi store has added a bright stroke to Lanzhi's journey

looking forward to the future, LANEIGE will continue to create a quality, healthy and fashionable overall soft home fabric life for customers with high-quality products and star rated services

Lanzhi curtain is the practitioner and navigator of finished curtain in China, and is the most professional and large-scale fabric soft clothing supplier in China. With the development strategy of pursuing fashion, paying attention to quality, paying attention to health and advocating individuality, it has formed a large-scale, professional, branded and collectivized industrial chain supply mode, and is the most competitive curtain enterprise in the field of high-end home furnishing and tooling accessories design in the industry

(source: Metz LANEIGE curtain)




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