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Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door successfully won the bid for the venue project of the 12th National Games, and became a well deserved supplier of wooden door products for the national games with high-quality products and services, which made all employees of the group happy and encouraged

the 12th National Games of the people's Republic of China in 2013 will be held in Liaoning, which will bring an unprecedented development opportunity to the construction and decoration industry in Liaoning and Shenyang. Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door successfully won the bid for the venue project of the 12th National Games, and became a well deserved supplier of wooden door products for the national games with high-quality products and services, which made all employees of the group happy and encouraged. Mr. liufuxin, President of Tianhua wood industry group, said that quality and strength are the two major hardware of zhanzhi tianhuaneng's successful bid for the national transportation project. Quality includes product quality and environmental protection quality; Strength is the construction ability of the enterprise to complete the National Games project, including construction support ability and continuous maintenance ability. The wooden door enterprises that can win the bid for the national transportation project are indispensable

strength wins orders

the 12th National Games is a grand event expected by the whole Chinese people once in five years. The National Games facilities project puts forward quite high requirements on the technology and technology of building materials products. It requires that the products supplied by suppliers should not only be generous and concise in style design, but also be integrated into Chinese multiculturalism to reflect the national flavor, especially the indicators of environmental protection, low-carbon and refined technology. In order to integrate the concept of "green transportation, science and technology transportation, and humanities transportation" into the products, zhanzhi Tianhua design and development department innovated the design and development of new products, the production department actively improved the manufacturing process, and the inspection department strictly controlled the environmental protection testing of products, and finally overcome various difficulties. With the real and excellent sample measurement data, zhanzhi Tianhua won the full transportation order, which proved the strength of zhanzhi Tianhua's domestic high-quality wooden door representatives

quality reflects value

zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door has won the bid for the National Games project since 1995 with its excellent quality, professional large-scale production, good industry reputation and other advantages, which is the best affirmation of zhanzhi Tianhua's adherence to the quality line for many years. In order to ensure the safe quality of the project, the project team of the full operation project of the production center dispatched capable production technicians to check the quality level by level from the entry of raw materials to the flow operation of the production line, and strictly inspect the quality. The wooden doors have to undergo nearly 100 inspections to ensure that each door is of high quality. The marketing center proposed to use "novel style, high quality, timely supply and high-quality service "Guided by the 16 character slogan, the project fully meets the requirements of the National Games for quality and progress, demonstrates the strong strength of zhanzhi Tianhua's top ten wooden door manufacturing enterprises in China, and reflects the brand value of China's excellent wooden doors!

lean service assurance

the National Games project not only tests the internal quality of suppliers' products, but also a major test of suppliers' installation service quality. The wooden doors used in the National Games are specially customized by zhanzhi Tianhua." The "extra thick" wooden door has a large body, sufficient thickness and heavy weight, so it is very difficult to install. Gan, manager of the after-sales Logistics Department of zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door, said: "zhanzhi Tianhua has always regarded improving service measures and improving service quality as equally important as product research and development, so it will always try its best to serve the national games with higher standards and stricter requirements." All the employees of zhanzhi Tianhua installation service team were excited and energetic when they learned that the wooden doors produced by their enterprises could enter the National Games and add luster to the National Games. They have said that they will ensure the high requirements of the on-site construction and installation of the national games with the 360 degree level of Jingyi installation

international standards escort

all projects of the National Games venues will be subject to public bidding in strict accordance with the environmental protection guidelines for National Games projects. The requirements for engineering materials in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection are extremely strict. Random inspections will be carried out from time to time at the installation site and subsequent use to ensure the high quality of the project. According to manager Zhang of zhanzhi Tianhua Engineering Department, the environmental protection index of zhanzhi Tianhua all transportation wooden door will implement the EU standard higher than the national standard and reach the E0 standard, which is also the highest standard of the international environmental protection level. Zhanzhi Tianhua will further demonstrate the reputation of "a perfect match for luxury houses" with the National Games engineering project.

zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door can become the wooden door supplier of the 12th National Games in 2013, representing the image of Chinese wooden door enterprises and the pride of Chinese wooden door industry. The National Games economy will become the engine for the higher, faster and better development of zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door, leading zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door from China to the world




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