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As we all know, there are many professional brands of home building materials, and anyone in the industry can read out the famous brands in dozens of occupations. But for ordinary consumers, if they are not decorating, they will not be able to say well-known household brands. Therefore, many home furnishing manufacturers, such as doors and windows, take "committed to building XX brand into a consumer brand" as their policy. Although consumer brands are naturally good things compared with professional brands and channel brands, the question is, is it really cost-effective for door and window manufacturers to follow the path of consumer brands? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

1. Door and window manufacturers take the road of "consumer brand", and the value is too high.

home building materials such as doors and windows are durable goods. Most people may pay attention to them when they get married and buy a house, and neglect to choose them at other times. This is an era of information explosion. Everyone faces too many jobs every day, so they will naturally choose to block the information they think is "irrelevant"

when buying house decoration, a person needs to buy building materials such as doors and windows, floors, as well as household products such as sofas, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. he may spend a lot of time looking for relevant information, checking the home channel and furniture channel of the portal, looking for brands and products that suit his appetite, paying attention to all kinds of evaluation, shopping guide, and also paying attention to all kinds of furniture promotion information. During this period, consumers will automatically supplement a lot of information about home decoration in a short time. However, after buying household building materials and supplies, this attention will cool down, and they will no longer automatically want to know about relevant information. Even if they are forced to see it, they will also put the information into the "irrelevant" information team. Having said so much, I just want to show that a door and window manufacturer that makes durable goods takes the road of building itself into a consumer brand, and the input-output ratio is extremely low

2. Catch the decoration crowd and make professional brands, and more practice

for example, a certain door and window brand must have the opportunity to be remembered when it is exposed for a long time before and after a program with high ratings such as news broadcast; However, those who watch the program may not need to purchase home building materials such as doors and windows until more than ten or twenty years later. Can you ensure that your advertisement can be broadcast until that time? More often, when consumers really need to buy windows and doors and begin to pay attention to them automatically, your advertisement is now offline, and the consumer has long forgotten your brand. But it's not that manufacturers don't need to build brands. Only, it is more practical for door and window manufacturers to be professional brands and channel brands, and to catch the decoration crowd than to be consumer brands

most ordinary consumers will quickly become professionals during the decoration period. They go to the home channel of the portal every day, watch the home programs of the news client, are particularly sensitive to the information of home building materials, and look for and grasp a lot of relevant information. Of course, they will also consult the industry people around them. Decorators are highly dependent on professional media and professionals around them. If a door and window manufacturer can become a professional brand and a channel brand, it will have a higher chance to be introduced by professionals and professional media

as for advertisements of a wider scale (non precise way), such as comprehensive TV advertisements, non home portals, non home magazines, street signs, etc., they also need to invest. However, the advertising policy of door and window manufacturers should not be to establish consumer brands, but to build professional brands or channel brands. These advertisements are more for dealers and channel merchants, and their role is to reflect the strength of manufacturers. Of course, the decoration owners during this period will also pay attention to these advertisements, and they are equally useful, only these people have a low share





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