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What if a novice electrician can't check the fault? Methods to teach you

recently, many friends have left messages saying: the home often trips from time to time. When it is used, it trips. I don't know why? At that time, after the air switch or leakage protector was put on, it could be used for a period of time, and then it would trip from time to time. For this kind of trip fault, many novice electricians do not know where to start to check the fault? Do not know how to solve the problem of high speed control accuracy; The pressure measuring system adopts a 3-sensor structure? Let's take a look today. What are the reasons for irregular tripping at home? How to check the fault quickly

first, briefly understand the basic functions of the air switch and leakage protector in the home:

the main function of the air switch: to put it bluntly, it is used for short-circuit and overload protection. It is mainly used to protect the circuit or install the sample. Users can install it according to their own habits. When the circuit or equipment is short-circuit or overloaded, it will trip for protection

function of leakage protector: in addition to short-circuit protection and overload protection, it also has a leakage protection function. For 10 years, the leakage protector has been mainly used to protect people from electric shock

the above are the basic functions of air switch and leakage protector. Through comparison, it can be seen that both air switch and leakage protector have the ability of short-circuit and overload tripping. What are the reasons for the frequent irregular tripping in the home? Where should the novice electrician start to check the fault quickly

generally speaking, there are three reasons for irregular tripping at home. Novice electricians can quickly find out the fault from these three aspects. The first reason: the air switch or leakage protector in the home is broken

the judgment method is very simple. There is a test button t on each leakage protector. Theoretically, it needs to be pressed once a month (I believe many friends haven't pressed it). The purpose is mainly to detect the quality of the leakage protector itself. If you press t but don't trip when it is live, it proves that the leakage protector is broken and needs to be replaced in time

the air switch does not have the function of leakage protection, and there is no test button. How should we judge whether it is good or bad

1, appearance judgment

judge whether the handle is flexible, whether there is sound inside the air switch, and whether there are burn marks or peculiar smell

2, measured by multimeter

the multimeter shall measure the upper incoming line: live line and zero line, and the lower outgoing line: live line and zero line of the air switch respectively, and make a simple and fast judgment according to whether the upper and lower terminals are connected sensitively

the second common cause of untimely tripping: overload fault at home

overload fault has typical fault phenomenon:

when the air switch or leakage protector is just closed, it will not trip. It will only trip after a period of time. Moreover, the overload fault, accompanied by temperature rise, will raise the temperature of the air switch or leakage protector. After tripping, if you touch the shell of the leakage protector or air switch with your hand, you will feel an obvious temperature rise, This is a typical overload fault

what are the causes of overload fault

1, high-power electrical appliances are used at home, or multiple household electrical devices with small stroke are used at the same time within the same time period, causing the current of a circuit to exceed the overload action current of the air switch and leakage protector, so it will trip

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