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Face recognition "escort" didi hitchhiker was snubbed when it was back online.

"on the first day when the hitchhiker was back online, it took half an hour to pick up the order, but it was a 'cargo Lala' truck, and the driver took me and another order (a box of cherries)!" Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Cao sent her sad and funny riding experience to the circle of friends, saying that "I miss the time when Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW came to take orders when a dozen hitchhikers used to mainly test new products and whether the products reached the standard after they were produced"

didi hitchhiker, which was closed for a week, quietly resumed business at 0:00 on May 19. Both drivers and passengers must complete six measures, including uploading ID cards and face recognition, before using the business. Many car owners and passengers who experienced the free ride business on weekends told that they obviously felt that "it is more difficult to take a taxi and receive orders", but these protective measures are "very necessary" for their own safety

passengers receive accident insurance after verification of their identity

open the didi travel client, and the free ride page clearly indicates that: the owner and passengers need to go through six steps: registered identity verification, order acceptance identity verification, privacy protection settings, night travel protection, safety encyclopedia learning and free ride guarantee before using the free ride business

the experience shows that it takes about two minutes to reuse the free ride taxi function. Among them, to register for identity verification, you need to upload the front and back of your ID photo, and conduct face recognition and comparison for real name authentication; For privacy protection settings, select one of the system avatars provided by didi as the explicit virtual avatar; In the learning of safety encyclopedia, after reading the safety precautions, it is necessary to test and answer all questions correctly

in addition, in order to solve the three items, i.e. identity verification, night travel protection and downwind travel guarantee, passengers or vehicle owners need to stay on the page for more than 10 seconds before passing. The main contents of the notice include: before receiving the order, the owner must conduct face recognition and compare it with the registered and certified identity. While continuing to evaluate the feasibility of the safety guarantee of the two parties for the ride at night, the platform will suspend the acceptance of orders from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day. The platform will directly give travel accident insurance with a maximum insurance amount of 1.2 million yuan to the owner and passengers who have been certified by their real names

the platform specially reminds that if the passenger or owner has previously carried out real name authentication, the new authentication information must be consistent with the previous content before they can pass, and the relevant ID card, face recognition and other recorded information submitted by the account after this authentication cannot be changed

maybe it's because they are worried about the unpopularity of the free ride business. Maybe it's troublesome to go through the identity verification procedures. At present, the number of free ride owners willing to take orders has decreased sharply

many consumers said that they tried to make an appointment for a free ride on weekends and waited for half an hour without receiving orders. At noon yesterday, I made an appointment for a ride from the capital airport to Beijing South Railway Station. As of press time, no one had received the order; Booking a ride from Chaoyang Joy City to Terminal T3 shows that there are only 10 car owners on the way, and usually there are more than 30 car owners on the way

some passengers "defected" to the special taxi

since the murder of didi hitchhiker, many female passengers have "turned pale at the mention of hitchhikers" and have "defected" to the special bus or taxi

"I don't dare to take a free ride. I don't want to take the express!" Ms. Yin said that she would now choose to take a taxi or a more expensive special bus in the evening. "After unified training, the drivers have a set of service specifications, which will certainly be safer."

"since didi is a passer-by, it's better to spend more money and use Shouqi to make an appointment!" Ms. Zhang said she had even unloaded didi for sealing

the change of passengers' mentality makes the special train masters feel very busy. "I'm old and don't know how to spell it. I used to work for 500 or 600 yuan a day. These two days, I have been working one order after another. I've already pulled more than 1000 yuan." Master Lu, who has been driving didi special car for more than two years, said. There are more and more people taking special cars, and the cars are not as easy as usual. Ms. Yin said that last Saturday night, she called a special bus from Huatang shopping mall. She found that the speed of receiving orders was much slower. It showed that the number of people in line was 9. Finally, a 16 yuan dispatching fee was added. Finally, a special bus 7 kilometers away received orders

currently, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other cities can normally use didi hitchhiker related services, but Zhengzhou hitchhiker business is still unavailable

the identity verification vulnerability is controversial

it is worth mentioning that at present, Didi Hitchhiker's requirements for the owner's qualification are still the measures before the rectification, and it does not take "taking photos with an ID card" as a necessary option for the driver's identity verification

although the owner needs to recognize the owner's face when confirming the journey with passengers, it seems that it is still impossible to ensure that the driver who finally receives the order is the account himself. Many passengers worry that it is still feasible for the owner to give his account number to others to pick up the order after confirming the trip

consult the customer service personnel as a passenger, and the other party said that "face recognition is necessary when confirming the receipt of orders. The system will also perform face recognition on the owner again according to the owner's situation. Generally speaking, the owner is not required to perform face recognition again when making payment". Regarding the concern that "the driver can still be green and environmentally friendly, but not the order confirmer", the customer service said that "this problem will be fed back to the superior"

in addition, Didi recently announced the rectification measures at the free ride stage. In order to more effectively solve driver and passenger disputes and safety problems, Didi asked the public for opinions on "whether to record the trip"

some passengers think that recording is a good means, which can form a strong chain of evidence in case of disputes, especially when both parties are unable to obtain evidence. However, some people express their concern about "infringing personal space freedom"

Jia Lulu, assistant analyst of the e-commerce research center's legal right for low precision profit department, said: "as long as audio and video recordings are made, there is a risk of technical disclosure. If there is a risk of disclosure, there is a fear of disclosure, and the fear of personal speech and video information disclosure itself will restrict people's freedom of expression and freedom from interference in the private sphere."

other users said that the free ride should return to the attributes of "sharing" and "public welfare", making the full-time workers unprofitable. They can limit the number of orders received by car owners every day, stop the platform from pumping Commission, etc., otherwise, they will still give the black car a free ride

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