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Wind turbine blades have entered the "large-scale" era

Abstract: after nearly three decades of development, China's wind turbine blade industry has grown from scratch and from small to large. At present, it has gradually formed a complete industrial chain

wind turbine blade is not only one of the important components to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, but also the basis to obtain higher wind energy utilization coefficient and economic benefits. The quality of design, manufacturing and operation directly affects the performance and power generation efficiency of the whole machine, so some industry experts compare it to the "soul" of the fan. With the increasing trend of large-scale fan, large-scale fan blades are also regarded as one of the symbols to measure the technical strength of enterprises

take LM, a world-famous wind turbine blade manufacturer, as an example. It is understood that "about one third of the wind turbine blades in operation in the world are the company's convenient products. Continuously extending the length of fan blades seems to be one of the company's main targets. According to the LM official's earlier report, LM and adwen are working together to build the world's largest wind turbine - "ad". The generator set includes three 88.4-meter-long blades and wind turbines with a diameter of 180 meters. After completion, the installed capacity of a single seat will be 8 megawatts, which will ensure the power supply of 10000 households

look back to China. After nearly three decades of development, China's wind power blade industry has gradually formed a complete industrial chain from scratch and from small to large. In addition, with the rapid development and technological progress of wind power in China, a number of wind turbine blade manufacturers have broken through the core technology monopoly, realized the localization of key raw materials, and become increasingly competitive through introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation on this basis

the earlier action plan for energy technology revolution and innovation (2016-2030) issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration also pointed out that the current medical materials and products are developing in the direction of scope, accuracy, personalization and intelligence, and it is clearly pointed out that in the future, the three-dimensional design method and design system, blade load and failure mechanism, optimization and verification method for 100 meter level and above blades, as well as high-efficiency blade aeroelasticity Lightweight structure and integrated design technology combined with new material technology; Research the lightweight design technology of blade structure of 100m level and above, the hybrid of carbon glass materials and the optimization design technology of lamination; Development 100 due to σ B the corresponding load is the maximum load that the specimen (or workpiece) can bear when the metal is under uniaxial static tension. Large offshore wind turbine blades of meter level or above are studied to promote the industrialization of serial wind turbine blades with independent intellectual property rights

it is noteworthy that recently, the wind turbine blades independently developed by Shuangrui wind power "broke out of the cocoon" from the huge main mold and were successfully offline. It is reported that the fan blade is 83.6 meters long, which not only sets the latest domestic fan blade length record, but also breaks the world record of 5 MW single power blade length

it can be predicted that in the future, with the continuous improvement of fan power, the trend of large-scale fan blades will become more obvious

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