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Haojiafeng joined hands with Zhongnanshan foundation to donate again. We will act together with hard core antibacterial—— Haojiafeng and Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation jointly held the anti epidemic conference

haojiafeng joined hands to lay the foundation for the advanced stage of the industry. Zhongnanshan Foundation donated again, and we will act together with hard core antibacterial—— Haojiafeng and Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation jointly held an anti epidemic conference release date: Source: haojiafeng in the afternoon of March 1, 2020, a donation ceremony donated by Guangdong haojiafeng new materials Co., Ltd., whose electrolyte is a mixture of sulfuric acid and vanadium, to front-line medical staff in Wuhan was held in front of Guangdong haojiafeng factory building. Xuyinan, chairman of Guangdong haojiafeng new materials Co., Ltd., gushiming, executive vice chairman of China air cleaning brand cluster, executive chairman and founding chairman of Guangdong indoor environmental health industry association, huangqinghui, vice chairman of Guangdong Zhongnanshan medical foundation, and the writer and vice president of Guangzhou respiratory health research institute, zhouzhihui, Secretary General of Guangdong indoor environmental health industry association and Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Zhongnanshan medical foundation, Lvyongsong, chairman of Guangdong paper industry trade union federation, zhangcuimei, Secretary General of Guangdong Paper Industry Association and other leaders of relevant industry associations and chambers of Commerce attended the event

it is reported that this is not the first time haojiafeng donated materials. Haojiafeng immediately assembled workers and put them into production after learning of the Wuhan epidemic. The first batch of donated 58000 bags of antibacterial paper towels and 50000 disposable medical masks were sent out on February 25. At present, they have been delivered and put into use. The materials donated again by haojiafeng include 100000 bags of "antibacterial paper towels" and 100000 "antibacterial masks", and the donated materials are worth more than 1.2 million yuan

Xu Yinan, CO inventor of China's first antibacterial dry tissue and chairman of Guangdong haojiafeng new materials Co., Ltd., as the film technology became thinner and thinner, first thanked the government leaders at all levels for their support to the enterprise, and then said that "in the face of this epidemic, the enterprise needs to keep pace with the times, based on its own industrial advantages, and undertake the" anti epidemic "society from a more professional and innovative perspective, Make good paper towels that are really beneficial to the society and the people and solve practical problems. In fact, the two donations are nothing. We can do whatever we can. As long as it is needed by the people, we can do whatever we need. This is the purpose of a good family style enterprise! A good family style has the confidence to win this nationwide interdiction war with everyone! "

the recipients of this donation are Guangdong Zhongnanshan medical foundation and Guangdong indoor environmental sanitation. So you know the working conditions and use characteristics of FRP tensile testing machine. Secretary huangqinghui expressed his gratitude for the donation and issued the donation certificate

later, President gushiming presented the plaque of vice president unit of Guangdong indoor environmental sanitation industry association to haojiafeng, encouraging enterprises to actively innovate and play a positive role in the public's Green Breathing and people's health

in order to ensure the efficient and safe arrival of donated materials in Wuhan, the company specially set up a "good family style to support Wuhan material donation team", and dispatched capable personnel of the enterprise to plan the material donation, transportation and other matters as a whole

subsequently, the person in charge of the material donation team took over the task flag from the hands of president Xu haojiafeng and Secretary huangqinghui of Zhongnanshan medical foundation. At the behest of the crowd, four large trucks drove out of the factory gate and headed for Wuhan thousands of miles away

it is reported that the antibacterial tissue donated this time was jointly developed by South China University of technology and Guangdong bilun household paper company (good family style). This technology has broken through the core problem of "dry paper can also be disinfected" and has become an important protective material received by Wuhan hospital

this antibacterial scientific research achievement is also a great gospel for the safety protection of the whole people. In times of crisis, all sides support Wuhan by donating materials thousands of miles to fight against the epidemic

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