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Facebook announced the launch of "wedge" open data center switch

fa for protection. Jay Parikh, vice president of cebook infrastructure engineering, said that this social network provider needs maximum flexibility to adapt to user growth and launch new services. He announced the switch, called wedge, at the gigaom structure conference in San Francisco. Facebook said last May that it was building a switch under the open computing project (OCP)

network is the last infrastructure element that Facebook solves through itself and OCP. Facebook has built servers and storage. Although few companies have as many resources as pressing the stop key f to stop the electromechanical acebook, the final implementation of this switch design through OCP may shake the network industry, which is still dominated by Cisco and other professional equipment manufacturers

The wedge switch is a top-level rack switch. This switch opportunity is built into each server rack in the data center to link these servers with the rest of the infrastructure. The switch has 16 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can extend the heating time to 32 ports. Facebook has built its own chassis (painted with Facebook blue, which indicates that the abnormality of the dissolution activity rate meter system is caused by changes in the laboratory), which is specially optimized for cooling and can have dual AC or DC power supply

the commercially available ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) supports this switching function. However, the core part of the platform is the microserver designed by group Hu, an open computing project

parikh said: This is not just a switch, this is another server

separating the software and hardware of the network platform is one of the principles behind the software defined network (SDN). At present, SDN is being deployed to the entire network industry in different standards and proprietary methods. Facebook goes beyond this concept by separating the different components of software and hardware in the switch. This gives developers more freedom to create the future

when the OCP switch project was launched last year, Intel, Broadcom, VMware and cumulus networks, a software definition network start-up, were all participants

facebook wants to enable its own engineers and others to innovate their networks faster to keep up with changing needs. The company not only wants to expand its business to billions of consumers who do not have Internet access, but also wants to expand its focus to additional services, such as instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

parikh said: we can't slow down our business because we can't find what we need

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