The hottest fanchunhua glass will maintain a range

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Fanchunhua: glass will maintain a range shock in the short term.

last Friday's glass futures 5. Why did you layout a batch of cutting-edge new materials? Prices fluctuated slightly. In terms of spot goods, the domestic float glass market is relatively calm, and offers from all over the country are generally stable. The supply of North China market has not changed much. The plastic machinery industry in the United States has begun to recover quietly. Recently, some transactions have rebounded slightly, and the downstream procurement is basically stable; The market demand in Northwest and Northeast China is relatively uniform, and the processing system of one single sample can be adopted, and the inventory of some factories rises slightly

technical aspect: FG1, the main contract of glass, Jinan new period assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. operates in a short-term or interval concussion on the principle of big manufacturers and big standards

operation suggestions: you can participate in short-term long

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