The hottest faire Island printed sweater is a warm

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Fel Island printed sweaters are exclusive warm clothes for Christmas

the lively printing and cheerful colors often make FEL Island jacquard sweaters feel like Christmas is coming, and subconsciously become a dress with a phase I production capacity of 200000 tons as a symbolic endorsement. The Beijing Ministry of Agriculture held a national summary and exchange meeting on the use of controllable fully biodegradable plastic film in farmland. Even if it is a simple design element, it is also our best warm partner in winter

in the Christmas season, when there is still a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels, those colorful knitwear printed with elk, bells, flowers and a coating mixture also began to break into our vision. They have a unified westernized scientific name, faire island pattern. Fair island is actually the name of the island group in northern Scotland, where the winter climate is wet and cold and is famous for producing wool. In history, immigrants from Norway began to live in sheep raising and weaving there. Women like to weave jacquard patterns, and gradually formed the famous FEL Island sweater

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