The hottest upstream cost support is weakening, an

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Upstream cost support is weakening, PTA is difficult to improve before the holiday

one week Market Review

NYMEX March crude oil futures daily chart

the chart is NYMEX March crude oil futures daily chart. (picture source: Southwest futures)

PTA 10 will be selected as the small and medium-sized enterprises of project hope to carry out free technical consulting services. The 05 contract daily chart

is the PTA 1005 contract daily chart. (picture source: Southwest futures)

international crude oil: Recently, driven by the continued dissipation of optimism about the global economic recovery, crude oil futures fell for the third consecutive trading day on Friday. The settlement price of NYMEX March crude oil futures fell by $1.54 to $74.54 a barrel, or 2%, the lowest settlement price since December 22 last year. The settlement price of crude oil futures for delivery in recent months has fallen by 10% in the past two weeks, breaking away from the 15 month high of $83.18 per barrel set on January 6. In the last three of the five trading days of this week, oil prices accelerated their decline, mainly due to China's tightening of loans to prevent the economy from overheating. As a country with the fastest use of global oil demand growth, which can significantly reduce weight and save costs, China's weakening oil demand is detrimental to oil prices, while the possibility of a substantial increase in demand in the world's largest oil consumer, the United States, seems to be getting lower and lower in the short term, which is also one of the reasons for dragging down oil prices in the near future. From a technical point of view, although crude oil fell continuously, it is not enough to constitute a trend reversal, and there may be support around $72

pta: this week, the price of 1005 contract, the main domestic PTA contract, was still in a volatile range, and finally closed at 8324 yuan. The highest price of the main contract in 1005 weeks is 8668 yuan, and the lowest is 8260 yuan. The difference between the highest price and the lowest price in five trading days is 408 yuan. The price closed positive for two consecutive days in the first five trading days, rising sharply by 5 The belt on the force measuring piston fell off or was too loose (so that the piston could not run at a uniform speed), breaking the previous high, but the price began to open higher and go lower on the third trading day, falling gradually. From a technical point of view, it is difficult to judge when the price will rest when it remains in the range of fluctuations

lldpe: the price of 1005 contract, the main domestic plastic contract, was generally strong this week. In the five trading days, except for the last price day, the price of the other four trading days basically fluctuated upward. In the first trading day of this week, the price rose from the low point near the 60 day moving average. In the next four trading days, the price basically moved above the 5-day moving average. In the last trading day, the intraday price once fell sharply, but the price began to rise in the late trading day, and finally closed above the 5-day moving average

pvc: the domestic PVC price is basically in a sideways trend this week. The highest price of the main contract 1005 this week is 7845 yuan, and the lowest price is 7660 yuan, with a difference of only 185 yuan. The market is in a narrow range. From the technical chart, the K-line has been running sideways for a week, and there is no sign of upward or downward breakthrough. The final price is still above the 60 day moving average, and PVC is difficult to get out of the shock pattern in the short term

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