The hottest upstream market is not optimistic, and

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The upstream market is not optimistic, and the price of pure benzene in Europe fell

due to the political and economic turmoil, the sharp decline in the Asian market and the downturn in the crude oil and energy markets, the price of pure benzene in Europe fell by $50/ton on Monday

although the implementation of micromillr technology, alloy and production patents in the global market was supported by tight supply and rising demand for derivatives last week, crude oil and energy prices fell, and the European pure benzene market still showed a downward trend

according to styrene traders on Friday, if the prices of naphtha and crude oil fall by $12/pound, the impact spline will be cooled to $111/pound with liquid nitrogen, and the price of pure benzene will remain low

today, the price of crude oil fell by 2 US dollars/pound, the trading volume of naphtha was less than 900 US dollars/ton, the price of pure benzene in May was US dollars/ton, CIF Amsterdam Rotterdam Antwerp (ARA), and I heard that the quotation was at 1190 US dollars/ton

the quotation in May last week was heard to be in US dollars/ton, down US dollars/ton from last week

the weakness of the pure benzene market was first reflected in Asia, and the price fell by $50/ton on Monday

Northeast Asia has sufficient supply of pure benzene and weak demand for styrene. Us pure benzene supply fell on Friday, dragging down the Asian market

as the upstream market is not optimistic since last week, the pure benzene market has remained stable, and the supply of styrene in Europe has weakened. However, the price of pure benzene in Europe has shown a downward trend. It is expected that the price of styrene will fall sharply in June, and the market has been obviously weak

the price of styrene fell in May, and was located in USD/ton FOB lute extended service life Dan. Another trader said that the current naphtha of USD 1350/ton was at the low end of the market

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