The hottest upstream actively supports the price,

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The upstream actively supported the price of plastics and continued to rise

the 1409 contract of plastics (11645140.00,1.22%) opened higher this morning, rising 1.13% in the afternoon to close at 11635. Positions increased by 9668 to 527510, with 291596 transactions

on the upstream side, WTI crude oil contract for July rose by $1.76/barrel to close at 104.4 on Friday, causing the experimental force load to instantly drop by $1/barrel; Brent crude oil contract in July rose $1.38/barrel to close at $109.99/barrel; Japanese naphtha C will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry. Fr price rose by $2.27/ton to close at $945.26/ton; Northeast Asia ethylene CFR price fell $5/ton to close at $1441.5/ton, while Southeast Asia ethylene CFR price fell $10/ton to close at $1431.5/ton. In terms of spot, the CFR price of the outer disk linear Far East rose by $5/ton to close at $1555/ton. Today, the linear ex factory price of petrochemical plants remained stable, and some continued to rise

the short-term desire of petrochemicals to raise prices is obvious. At present, the level of linear inventory in the middle and lower reaches is low, and it is relatively passive for petrochemicals to raise prices. It is expected that the strength of the current price will continue, and it is recommended to wait for the callback to buy

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