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Following the Beijing International Finance exhibition, Kehua UPS appeared in red at the "2008 China International Information and Communication Exhibition needs to test the non specific extension strength Rp0.2 or the specified total extension strength RT" held from October 21 to 25. During the exhibition, Kehua company, in combination with the characteristics of the communication industry, showed the IDC central machine room, outdoor mobile base station and other communication solutions, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the development status and direction of communication power supply, especially the application of 3G power supply, and on-site experts and representatives

Chinatelecom is the largest and most influential world-class information and Communication Exhibition in Asia in 2008, with a total exhibition area of more than 50000 square meters. As one of the major domestic UPS manufacturers in the communication industry, Kehua UPS pays great attention to the informatization process of the domestic communication industry. In particular, the favorable information such as telecom restructuring and 3G business since this year has provided a good development opportunity for domestic UPS manufacturers in 2012. According to statistical analysis, a total of about 300000 3G base stations will be built in, and the sales volume of UPS, one of the indispensable products for base station construction, is expected to reach a new peak with mild interface. The relevant person in charge of Kehua said that Kehua company is ready, and its self-developed power supply products that meet the application of 3G devices have mature applications in Europe and the United States. Kehua will stop operation on the basis of domestic application environment and transplant foreign mature application experience to the domestic market

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