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UPS power 6KVA power frequency machine 4.8KW built-in isolation transformer

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[product category]: UPS

[product brand]: delis

[product model] c6ks power frequency machine

[merchant quotation] 9800 yuan

[company name]: Beijing Fengya Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd.

[contact information]:


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working mode: formula

rated capacity (kVA): 4800W

output voltage range (V): BASF has developed a new 3D printing solution for laser sintering technology. Inverter output: AC 220/230/240v ± 3% V

output voltage waveform: sine wave thd <3% (linear load) sine wave thd <8% (nonlinear load)

input voltage range (V): AC V

output voltage frequency range (Hz) : when the AC input is normal: when the Hz AC input is abnormal: 50Hz ± 1%hz

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