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Upright bags explore new exciting points in the market

recently, the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (PMMI) announced seven latest practical packaging projects, including upright bags. In China, upright bags are entering a new stage of development and are widely used in the packaging of drinks, household chemicals and other products. In the future, it will continue to expand its application fields

"the progress in materials and processing technology has played a decisive role in winning shelf space for soft packaging upright bags, and the shelf life of foods and beverages packaged in upright bags has been extended at room temperature." The relevant person in charge of Dahu (Tianjin) fresh food juice Co., Ltd. said. He believes that most products packaged in upright bags have excellent brand image and are very convenient to use. If the zipper is added, the upright bag can be sealed repeatedly; The upright bag with the nozzle makes it more convenient to pour out the food; Tear open upright bags are ideal packaging for liquid foods such as beverages, dairy products and so on

when considering the cost, the vertical bag packaging users interviewed generally believe that vertical bags have many development advantages that other packaging forms cannot have

therefore, closing some mines and diverting relevant personnel have become the active choice. First, there are many choices of raw materials. PE, PP, multilayer aluminum foil composites or nylon composites can all become the production raw materials for vertical bag packaging; Yilisan plastic granulator equipment has a very serious environmental pollution, and the thermal uniformity and perfect printing quality can also help manufacturers attract the attention of consumers; In addition, because it is soft plastic packaging, it is light in weight, not easy to be damaged, and reduces the cost of sales and storage. For the fierce competition in the market, this undoubtedly becomes the secret of cost control for soft packaging enterprises; In addition, the disposal of discarded upright bags is easier than that of bottles and cans, and they are less restricted by packaging laws and regulations, etc. All of them broaden the development prospect for the application of upright bags

"these advantages make vertical bags one of the fastest growing packaging forms in the packaging industry." The person in charge of Guangdong Xizhilang who used upright bags on jelly packaging said

products packaged in soft plastic containers are very convenient for shoppers. There will be no jingling of bottles and cans, and shopping bags will not be broken by hard packaging, as well as the convenience requirements of consumers. These enable upright bags to be regarded as the best packaging solution to solve these problems. The current upright bag technology can realize many dreams, which is an excellent market opportunity for soft bag enterprises

insiders pointed out, "with the introduction of high-capacity bagging automation equipment, the development potential of flexible packaging upright bags is growing." The birth of upright bags enables flexible packaging bags to compete with cartons, plastic containers and cans. At present, the development of bag making equipment has further developed the potential application opportunities of vertical bags. The emergence of continuous vertical molding/filling/sealing machines shows that more and more flexible packaging bags begin to adopt processing methods. At this time, coiled material packaging bags should be selected for production. Compared with prefabricated bags, coiled material packaging bags have the advantages of low cost, high speed and large capacity, and their cost is only one fifth of that of prefabricated bags. This provides an excellent market opportunity for soft bag enterprises to enter the field of vertical bag production

information source: the global flexible packaging industry

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