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XCMG loader: do not destroy, do not regret, and never regret

XCMG loader: do not destroy, do not regret, and never regret

Chinese engineering machine air becomes moist mechanical information

years pass through white lotus like clouds,

bursts of machine roaring and swallowing sound come from the distance


we pick up our beloved ones in front of us and listen to the story of "leading technology, indestructible use"

in a large steel plant in Hubei Province, four zl20a small loaders, which have been used for 14 years, are performing a chapter of "leading technology and indestructible use" that will not yield to the years and create benefits with quality

the zl20a small loader, which has been used for 14 years, continues to work in the front line

this steel plant is a veteran state-owned enterprise, and the industrial zone is full of a sense of historical industry. The cooperation between XCMG loader and it has a long history. These four loaders, which have been fighting in the front line for 14 years, are the witnesses of the cooperation. But what is unexpected is that these four loaders purchased in 2002 are still working on their posts. Compared with the newly purchased XCMG new loaders around, although the appearance is full of historical vicissitudes and the combat effectiveness is not as good as before, they still adhere to the first front and abide by their duties

"among the loader brands we bought here, XCMG's has the longest service life, which is a good product that can't be destroyed." The equipment supervisor of the steel plant mentioned that XCMG loader was full of praise. And Lao Zhang, the driver of these four cars, has the most say: "These four cars have been in operation for 14 years. I remember that when the factory increased production, it was used day and night, and other vehicles in the same batch had long been scrapped. I didn't expect it to persist until now. The maintenance during this period has never fallen. Now the average working time of each car is close to 10 hours a day. The large-scale production of battery complex plastic parts produced by state-owned enterprises for the above situations is really reliable."

"leading technology and indestructible use" is the determination and goal of XCMG loaders to move towards the medium and high end. It is using its actions to fulfill its commitments to customers, so that customers can "indestructible use, regret and never regret". (this article is from XCMG)

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