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Xingxintong and Huawei Espace contact center

people become money connections. Loanwork is the most popular Internet financial platform at present. Since its launch, loanwork has been attracting attention from all walks of life due to its innovative acquaintance lending business model and large-scale marketing activities, and the number of users has increased rapidly

as an innovative Internet financial platform, due to the lack of physical counters, the main link between loanwork and customers is the call center that can be used to evaluate the friction and wear performance of lubricants, metals, plastics, coatings, rubber, ceramics and other materials. Like most internet financial platforms, loanwork previously chose the outsourcing call center mode, but there are three problems:

the number of users of loanwork is huge, the daily traffic is as high as hundreds of thousands, and the reliability of the outsourcing platform is difficult to be guaranteed. For Internet finance, "however, if customer service cannot be connected, it will greatly affect users' confidence in the platform

the original outsourcing platform can only provide basic services, and cannot integrate, station, app and other channels. It does not fit well with the business, which affects users' perception of use

the outbound call function of the original platform is relatively simple, and it is difficult to build an efficient and reliable outbound call and payment system based on the same platform

based on the above considerations, Yaobao urgently needs to build a contact center with high reliability and security, which can provide customers with inbound and outbound services through all media

in view of users' requirements for high reliability and security, Shenzhen xingxintong Technology Co., Ltd. provided Huawei Espace contact center platform for Loanword in the overall contact center scheme provided for loanword this time

the platform adopts the industry-leading virtualized CT to provide professional guidance and services at any time. I pool mode, two centers share seats and IVR resources, and realizes the disaster recovery and backup mechanism of remote dual activity. When a single data center node fails, the function and use scale of the overall contact center will not be affected

the agent adopts a dual registration mechanism. When the system automatically switches due to a failure, the agent does not need to perform the check-in operation again, and there is no perception in use, which greatly improves user satisfaction

the manufacturer and equipment performance of the loanwork contact center group are very critical figure

in addition to traditional voice, the solution provided by xingxintong also provides users of loanwork with access capabilities of multiple channels to improve business processing efficiency. The access channels cover stations, microblogs, apps, etc., which greatly reduces the service and marketing costs of debit and credit. At the same time, the scheme adopts all media for unified queuing and unified routing, and the agents can uniformly process the information of multiple channels in one interface, which greatly reduces the queuing time of the majority of users of debit and credit

in addition, based on the powerful outbound call function module of Huawei Espace contact center platform, xingxintong provides a wide range of options for debit and credit users' call system. IVR automatic outbound call, agent preview outbound call, agent prediction outbound call and other modes can be selected, which greatly improves the collection efficiency and ensures the financial safety of users

the joint contact center solution tailored by xingxintong and Huawei for loanwork has been highly recognized by customers. Since the system went online, the number of seats has rapidly expanded from dozens to 1500 at present. The large capacity, high reliability, multimedia unified routing and queuing characteristics of the users of debit and credit have been fully demonstrated, effectively supporting the development of customer promotion, customer service, collection and other businesses, and laying a successful foundation for the rapid development of debit and credit business

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