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Lianyungang port's container throughput reached 100000 TEUs in April

Lianyungang port's container throughput continued to grow rapidly: in April, the port completed a container throughput of 100000 TEUs, an increase of 63% year-on-year. It is reported that in the first four months of this year, the port has completed a container throughput of 402000 TEUs, an increase of 79.1% year-on-year

the development of Lianyungang port is gratifying. In addition to the accelerated pace of wharf infrastructure construction, it is also due to the strong economic growth in the hinterland and along the land bridge, which makes the port's unique geographical advantages increasingly prominent after the correct error analysis of the experimental machine. The demand for developing domestic and foreign goods sources, including China and Asia, continues to increase, all driving the increase of port cargo volume. According to the rigorous testing, it can be put into use. In addition to containers, coal and coke exports, wood imports, steel exports, etc. are showing a strong growth trend

source: Xinhua news

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