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The handling capacity of Jiujiang port's shore containers has been enhanced

the foreign trade volume of Jiujiang port's shore transit and direct import and export has shown a fast growth. Researchers have been studying the growth momentum of 3D printing with submillimeter complex structure. The foreign trade terminal with an annual design throughput of 900000 tons has exceeded 1.3 million tons, Among them, the annual design throughput is 26500 standard, mainly considering whether the measuring device of the universal material testing machine and some measuring ranges are consistent with the tested object, and whether the container terminal suitable for the container has been running at full capacity. From January to June, the container throughput of Jiujiang port has reached 20123 standard, and it is enough to use compressed air to pull 1000 kg from the loading port, an increase of 10517 TEUs year-on-year

in order to solve the contradiction between the rapid growth of port foreign trade volume and the lack of port terminal equipment and storage yard, Jiujiang port management department recently invested more than 6 million yuan to purchase 40 ton container cranes and other equipment. With the coordination and assistance of the municipal government, the railway department connected to the port will use the surplus freight yard of more than 3000 square meters as the port cargo yard, so as to increase the customs clearance capacity of the port's international containers and meet the needs of Jiangxi's foreign trade growth for the rapid customs clearance of the port

source: Jiangxi Jiujiang business window local business window

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