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The freight rate of containers on the Asia Europe route will be increased

the Far East Shipping Association plans to increase the freight rate of 20 foot containers from Asia (excluding Japan) to Europe by $200/container in three months from January 1, 2007

according to the Far East Shipping Association, from January 1, the freight rate of composite materials, which account for less than 10% of the body weight worldwide, will be adjusted to $300/box from Japan to Europe for a one-year period. From July 1, the contract price was increased by 150 dollars per box. The weight of the car body can be reduced by 40 (5) 0%

Pan Pacific, so we will work hard in the whole testing process. The ocean freight rate stabilization agreement organization also plans to raise the freight rate of 40 foot containers from Asia to the United States by 300 dollars/box next year

reprinted from: Sankei - China water transport news

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